School Days

In the midst of all of our travel, work, and other activities, I have been attempting to do preschool with Elias.  Somedays it’s super fun, somedays it’s super frustrating and somedays it doesn’t happen at all!  This year, I bought curriculum called “A Year of Playing Skillfully.”  It is based on the idea that preschool-aged kids learn through play.  So far, it’s been pretty fun and much better than my night-before Pinterest scramble that I was doing in Indonesia!

FAITH School

FAITH School

FAITH School

FAITH School


Elias has started to develop a love for books, which is basically this mama’s dream because it gives me an excuse to buy ALL the children’s books.  My kid book wishlist is longer than my own book wishlist.  It’s an illness.  Of course, he mostly wants to read about Legos and ninjas, but it’s a start, right?  Lego books are a gateway to E.B. White and N.D. Wilson, I’m just sure of it!  In the meantime, we’re learning all about Hero Factory, Ninjago (Legos and Ninjas!), Lego City and Lego Batman.  Hashtag: boymom.  Hastag: yesiknowthatsnothowhastagswork.


Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Fall.  Sigh.  How I love Fall!

We are soaking up all of the Fall-y goodness that we can before we return to the land of eternal summer.  Today we visited a pumpkin farm (forget for a second that it was 85 degrees outside.  Hello??  October??  Where is your crisp fall air?)

DSC_0740 resize

Elias totally loved the corn bin!


Posing like a pro!

DSC_0801 edit

Seriously, how is he so cute??

Next on the Fall bucket list: Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer