Happy Birthday, Layla Bean!


Our Layla Bean turned one on February 10!  How has it already been a year?  Last year on February 10, we had no idea that Layla was born.  And here we are a year later celebrating her birth!  We are so grateful that this little girl joined our family!  She is sweet, stubborn, happy, determined and oh-so-cute!

Love you Layla!  Happy Birthday!


November is the month when we reflect and give thanks.  And this month I have been ever so thankful for our family!  We have gotten to see all of our siblings in the same month.  This hardly ever happens!  My baby brother (who is 34…) had a baby in early November.  Our new niece, Evaleigh, was born in Tucson!  So we were able to drive down and visit her in the hospital!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you forget how tiny newborns are?  I mean, we had our own newborn just 9 1/2 months ago and I’ve already forgotten how little she was!


We also had Thanksgiving with Nathan’s side of the family.  So. Many. Kids.  All of these cousins together reminds me of my childhood, running around with my gaggle of cousins.

Turkey.  Stuffing.  Cousins.  What more do you need really?

Fagerlie cousins

Fagerlie cousins

Since Billy (my brother) was still in Tucson with his little family and my parents and older brother flew out to meet Evaleigh, we had a second Thanksgiving with them.  More turkey.  More stuffing.  More cousins (well, only one cousin in this case).

I love how much Elias loves Evaleigh.  He was rubbing his face on her head during all of these photos.  I had trouble getting him to actually look at the camera.  I’m not sure Evaleigh loved it as much as he did :)

Tjernlund cousins

Natalan (Our MAF Christmas Party!)

It’s that most wonderful time of year again!  With humidity and tropical rain showers, right?  Well, at least that’s what it is over here.  But it wouldn’t be Christmas in Indonesia for us without our MAF staff Christmas party.  This year, we decided to do things a little differently and blend our Western and Eastern cultures a bit more.  And, I think, we struck just the right balance.
MAF Nabire Team

Our annual staff photo.  This year on the runway instead of in front of an airplane.

Note from Timika

MAF Timika sent us a little note on a dirty airplane.  Thanks guys!  And Selamat Natal to you too :)

Pondok Natal

Natal Tables

Instead of our normal party in the hangar, this year we did a party in the yard (it’s warm here, remember?) with magical Christmas lights and gorgeous mango trees.


Manger Scene

After the photo, we split into 4 groups: one group per home and each group was assigned the task of coming up with a drama, acting out part of the Christmas story.  I don’t have pictures in the homes, but I loved the drama that ensued afterwards.

Night lights

J's devotional

As the sun set, we ate a meal together that all the wives worked so hard to make.  Traditionally, Indonesians wouldn’t eat at tables at a party like this, but I think they all enjoyed it.  To finished up, we sang Silent Night and Jeremiah shared a short devotional.

All and all, it was a super enjoyable evening for everyone involved.  Selamat Natal!

Safety Bash: 5 Years of Accident-Free flying!

In September, MAF Papua celebrated 5 years of safe, accident-free flying!  This is a huge milestone, especially considering the environment in which our pilots and mechanics work and fly.  It is not uncommon for their to be an aviation accident, often fatal, every month in Papua.  (I should say here, that in MAF’s accident 5 years ago, no one was injured.  Praise God.)  We are so, so grateful for our culture of safety in MAF and we know that both our pilots and mechanics are striving to make safe choices everyday!

In light of this milestone, we had a safety bash on base.  And, as one does, we had a pig roast!  Pig roasts in Papua signal celebration, especially since pigs are so highly valued.  One pig can sell for as much as $1,000.

Babi Guling


Different from pig roasts we have done in the past (bakar batu: cooking the pig in the ground with hot stones), this time the pig was roasted on a spit.  This method, called babi guling, is most common in Bali.  However, a man who lives here in Nabire, and is a huge supporter of MAF, offered to roast the pig for us!  Yum.

Happy 5 years, MAF!


Three Years!  On August 15, we celebrated the three year anniversary of the day we finalized Elias’ adoption.

Can you believe it’s already been that long since Elias’ very first Gotcha Day?  Time sure flies when you’re having fun (and chasing a busy toddler!).




Even now, I still get a little teary-eyed when he introduces himself as Elias Fagerlie.  Adoption is awesome!  I’m so proud that he’s mine. We love you Elias Tate!

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Easter Comes Quietly

Easter comes quietly in Papua.  There are no chocolate bunnies, no pastel eggs lining store shelves and not even a single Peep in sight.  It could almost sneak up on you.  Music playing from church loud speakers is the only indication that something is on the horizon.

For us, we celebrated with our teammates.  Eggs were hunted, salvation bracelets were made and food was consumed.  But the real joy, the real celebration is that Christ has saved us!  And it was free!

And because He lives, because death could not contain Him, because he chose to adopt me into His family, I can, like the old hymn says, “face tomorrow.  Because I know He holds the future.”  And that future is secure.

Eager Egg Hunters


Cutest Egg Hunter

Resurrection Eggs







Happy Easter!

Birthday Party Round-Up

It’s official.  My baby is three.  And in true missionary-kid-on-the-go fashion, we had three birthday parties for him: one in Arizona, one in Michigan and one in Nabire!  Spoiled much?

First up: Arizona.  In AZ we had a combined birthday party for Elias and Wren, his cousin who was also turning three.  They had a Mickey and Minnie Mouse party.

AZ cupcakes

AZ presents

Happy Dance

AZ Mickey theme

And then we traveled to Michigan where he had a Cars themed birthday party:

Blowing out Candles

Clothespin drop

E with presents

MI Birthday

And finally, at home in Nabire we had a what-d0-we-have-around-the-house themed birthday party (I kinda lost my mojo on the third party–blame it on jet-lag):




We are so blessed to have Elias in our lives!  He is kind-hearted, crazy-fun, a dancing fool, a chatterbox and a smart little cookie.  We love you, Elias!



Pahme-Giving (Thanksgiving in Daboto)

Do you ever have moments when you step back and think “how did I get here?” This past weekend, as I gazed across the beautiful mountains of Papua from our friend’s porch in Daboto, I was asking myself that very question.

The frustrations of life in Indonesia seem to fade away for a moment whenever we go interior.  I’m reminded of why we are here.  We see people who have come to know Christ after years, decades, centuries in darkness and also those who have not yet seen the Light.  It is always amazing.  Always humbling.  And always eye-opening.  God is doing great things in the mountains, valleys and low-lands of Papua.

Isn’t it awesome how the Gospels spans generations, cultures, and language?  It is still just as relevant and needed today as it was 2,000 years ago.  It is just as needed in the heart of America as it is in the jungles of Papua.  Praise God that he never gives up on us!

For Thanksgiving this year, we decided to take the show on the road and visit some of our missionary friends who do not have other Americans around to celebrate with.  Daboto is only a 30 minute plane ride from Nabire, but it is an entirely different world.

(I took over 250 pictures, but narrowed it down to just 23 for you….so much to cram into one blog post.)

Daddy's Helper

Just after arriving, isn’t he the cutest little helper you ever did see?

Sweet Carolyn

Steve and Carolyn were the kindest and most gracious hosts.  Carolyn even made us little elephant towels!  I’m sure they will open their B&B any day now.

The View

This is the view from their back porch.  How amazing is this?

In Church

On our first day, Thanksgiving Day, we had a feast with the Moi.  We brought in live chickens (well, at least, they were alive when we left Nabire.  Apparently chickens don’t fair well in the heat and at high altitudes.) and lots of rice.  Chicken is a treat for the Moi since they so rarely eat it.

All of the black pots in the photo above are full of rice and noodles that was divided out after we gave thanks to God.


I love that his boy is holding on to Steve’s toe.

Hi Friend!Moi Mama


On Friday morning we took a short hike down to a hamlet a little bit below Steve and Carolyn’s house.

The Party House

We stopped to see the new “jump house” that they are constructing.  The floor in this house is specially constructed to have give so that you can bounce on it like a trampoline. This is where they have huge celebrations, where they literally bounce the night away.

Moi boys in red

Two cute boys, plus you can see a little bit of the bouncy floor.

Looking down the Valley


Our whole group!  The Panambunans, an Indonesian family who used to be missionaries in Daboto but have now moved to Nabire where they continue to work in a support role, Steve and Carolyn, us and Esther, the Dutch teacher who lives in Nabire.

Elias and Jakobi

Elias spent the afternoon playing outside with some of the Moi kids.  Even without a common language, I love to watch how these two boys played together.  We later learned  that this boy was around 4 or 5 years old and is named Jakobi.

Elias and JakobiOn the Porch

Moi Dudeson the trailSurrounded

Everyone wants to watch the GoPro.


The greeting in Daboto is “aba aba aba aba” over and over again, until someone gets tired of saying it. (I’m sure there is some cultural “thing” to tell you how many “abas” you need to say, but I didn’t figure it out.)

Anyway, in this picture I am saying my “abas” with this lady while we do the traditional “secret handshake” that many of the mountain tribes do.

Paper Airplanes

Elias and “Uncle Steve” or “Uncle Doug” or “Grandpa” (Elias had many names for Steve) played paper airplanes together.

Thanksgiving with a view

Dinner with a view!  Also, check out the super cute napkin holders that Elias made.  He was so proud.

Thanksgiving Dinner

And finally, we did sit down for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, turkey and all!  Yummy!

Pahme (the closest thing to “thank you” in the Moi language), Steve and Carolyn, for hosting us all!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or should I say Pahme-Giving?) and have much to be thankful for.

Sleeping for Doughnuts

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this chart a few weeks ago.  I’ve been trying to encourage Elias to stay in his room during nap time and at night, and apparently the key to success is stickers and doughnuts!  If he earns 8 stickers in a week, we make homemade doughnuts for breakfast on Saturday.  We’ve been doing this for three weeks now, and we’ve made doughnuts twice.

Sleep Chart I cannot resist fried dough.  This system is quickly going to wreak havoc on my waistline, but for now it’s working, so we’ll still with it for a little bit longer.  Sleep is a wonderful thing :)


I always make cake doughnuts because they are SO much quicker and easier!  I found this recipe on the internet some time ago and it’s been my go-to doughnut recipe ever since.

2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp salt
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/4 t cinnamon
2 Tbsp melted butter (I use coconut oil instead)
1/2 cup milk
1 egg, beaten

Oil, for frying

  1. Heat oil to 375F.
  2. In large bowl, sift together flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and cinnamon.  Mix in butter until crumbly.  Store in milk and egg until smooth.  Knead lightly, then turn out on a floured surface.  Roll or pat into 1/4 inch thickness.  Cut with doughnut cutter.
  3. Drop doughnuts into oil a few at a time.  Fry, turning once until golden brown.  Drain on rack.

You can eat them plain, or mix up a little glaze with powdered sugar and water.  Or just dip them in granulated sugar when they are warm.  All options are delicious.  And seriously, there is not much better than a warm doughnut on Saturday morning.  Except maybe a sweet little two-year-old who has stayed in his bed all week!