Chiastic Structure (A Lovely-Less Lovely-Lovely Evening)

Last night started out as a lovely evening and ended up as a lovely evening, but the middle part was a little, um, less lovely.


Brian and Heather came over for dinner and Settlers.

By the way, they are moving to Papua very soon and I am very sad.  But at least we’ll see them again in a few months when we move there!



I made pizza and Heather brought Black Forest Cake (yup, we’re eating very healthy!)

After dinner, we started our Settlers game.  Not just any old Settlers though.  The Cities and Knights version that I bought for Nathan.  If you haven’t played, you should.  It’s uber fun.


Maybe about halfway through our game (at which point, I think I was winning!), I got up to go to the bathroom.

In my bathroom, I have a basket next to the toilet full of toilet paper.  While I was…in there…I noticed some dirt under the basket.  “That’s strange,” I thought.  This is when the night took a turn.  I picked up the basket, gasped and called for Nathan.



This picture does not do justice to what I found under the basket.  The floor was moving….so many termites.




Teeming with termites.  Even typing this now, I feel like they are crawling on me.  Are they crawling on me??



Apparently toilet paper is quite a treat for them.  Can you spot the momma termite in this picture??



Not to mention my BRAND NEW basket! 

This was a really bad time to be out of Raid.




Boiling water will have to do.  It works great, however it takes time for the water to boil.  And by the time it did, a lot of the termites had scattered.  Hopefully they went to someone else’s house…but I doubt that’s the case.  Please don’t eat my furniture little termites!  A basket I can live with, but please not my furniture!!

Well, after throwing away several rolls of toilet paper and boiling the termites…we went back to our Settlers game. 

I didn’t win.  But Nathan did and that makes me happy too.

(Dear Bible study ladies, this story is a good example of chiastic structure, eh?  Settlers-termites-termites-Settlers)