The Incident

Last night…something happened and it makes me shudder.

I came home from our friend’s house and was in the kitchen, when Nathan said, “Lookout! I saw a big spider in there before!”  Gulp.  Ok.  I’ll look out.

Then Heather walked in and whispered to me that there was a giant wolf spider in the corner of the living room (because she knows that I’m the official spider killer of the household)  But this was a BIG spider.  BIG.  HAIRY.  JUICY spider. 


Little spiders I can handle, but BIG, HAIRY, JUICY spiders, not so much.  So, we gave the  job to Brian.

Now, my house has maybe 15 foot cielings.  They are so high in fact that we have a special extendable pole to change the lightbulbs.  With lightbulb-changing pole and broom in hand, Brian chased the spider across the cieling. 


And then, this happened:


This is the cieling.  Behind that piece of cardboard is a hole.  And behind that hole live a whole myriad of bugs and rats (thus the cardboard).

Brian tried to squish the spider with the broom/lightbulb pole, missed the spider and punched a whole in the cieling.  We didn’t even care about the cieling, we only cared that the spider was STILL ALIVE!

Then, suddenly, the spider dropped to the floor, fixed his beady little eyes on me and ran!  YIKES!! 


Thankfully Brian squished him before he got to close.  I could hear him squish….ewww.

I didn’t take either of these spider pictures.  I was too busy standing on a chair to take pictures.  So, thanks Google Images!

4 thoughts on “The Incident

  1. Yesterday, while I was watching a movie with my wife with our projector. A spider decided to crawl across the screen. It crawled right across Sandra Bullocks face (we were watching the Blindeside). I was too lazy to get up and kill it. I’m a bad husband I guess.

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