We have a banana tree in our front yard.

This doesn’t, however mean that we have an endless supply of bananas because they take their sweet time growing!  Since we returned to Indonesia in November, our banana tree has been working on on bunch of bananas.  Yesterday, our landlord requested that they be cut down because they were leaning on the roof of the house.  And the banana juices can damage the bricks below. 

So, we had them cut down.


On banana tree produces about a gozillion bananas in one bunch.  We’ve also learned that Indonesia produces about a gozillion different types of bananas (who knew there were so many??)  I am sorry to say though that I do not know what type of bananas these are.


Right now, all of these bananas are ripening over at my friends house (we didn’t have a brick-free place to put them here and remember: banana juice= bad for bricks).  Once they’re all yellow, she is going to bring them back and then we are going to eat nothing but bananas for months. 

Not really.

We’ll probably deliver a big bunch to each of our neighbors.

And then I’ll make banana muffins.


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