Of Surgery, Robots and Broth

As you may recall, Nathan had surgery on January 17.  A bowel-resection, to be exact.  He has had this surgery twice before, but unlike the last two emergency surgeries, this time it was scheduled.  Which means he was stronger and healthier as he headed into surgery.



Also unlike last time, they were able to do this surgery robotically.  Yes, tiny robots, controlled by the surgeon, did the surgery.  The robots allow the surgeon to make smaller cuts and to be more precise, making the recovery much easier (although, it’s still not a walk in the park…he couldn’t stand upright for several days after the surgery.  Definitely no park-walking).


Another big difference (yay for robots!) was that he could have liquids right after the surgery!!  This was HUGE.  For his last surgeries, he was living off of i.v. fluids for about a week, but this time he was having broth for dinner.


Now, he is a few weeks post-op, slowly getting better each day.  We are so grateful that he could have this surgery here in America with a skilled surgeon and robots.  Did I mention the robots??  And we are also grateful that it is all over and he is on the road to recovery!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, brought us meals and just generally been awesome!

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