Visiting Kiyage lagi (again)

I love flying along with Nathan.  I don’t seem to get to do it as often now with all of my mommy responsibilities, so when I do get to go, it’s extra special!

This was on our way home from Wamena.  Just like our last trip to Wamena, we stopped in the village of Kiyage.

Kiyage overhead

Kiyage overheard

Overhead Kiyage

Kiyage landing

Getting ready to land!

People of Kiyage

Elias and I often have a little posse that follow us around when we are interior.  It usually takes Elias a little time to warm up, but by the end of our time in Kiyage, he was putting on a little “show” for anyone who would watch by making silly faces at them.  They thought it was hilarious!

Shade of the Wing



Each passenger needs a ticket!  So, not only is Nathan the load crew, pilot and flight attendant, he also runs the ticket “counter.”  His time on the ground is packed full of activity.  He unloads people and cargo, often adds/removes seats, writes tickets for all passengers, loads new cargo and people, does a passenger briefing and then switches to pilot mode.  Not to mention any scuffles he has to help settle, flight requests he collects; all in another language! Phew, it’s exhausting just to watch!  I admire him every time!

malaria patient

This little guy had malaria and so he came to town with us to get treated.  While malaria is usually very treatable…without treatment (which is hard to come by in the village), it can be deadly.

Kiyage take-off

Kiyage take-off

Everyone on board and ready for take off!  It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but the runway is downhill.  It’s like a rollercoaster ride!