The Elusive Birth Certificate

This week has been a whirlwind!

On Monday, we found out that Elias’ birth certificate had been put in the mail about 4 weeks ago and apparently is lost because it still had not arrived here.  So, we went online and ordered extra copies to be shipped overnight delivery.  24 hours past, the package was “out for delivery”, but no birth certificate arrived.  48 hours…still no birth certificate.  An investigation was conducted to find where exactly the elusive birth certificate was and then it was finally delivered about 3 days late, but at least it arrived! (The original one is still missing…we have no idea what happened to it.)

SO…now with Elias’ birth certificate in hand, WE ARE MOVING!

Side note: Can I tell you how exciting it is to see his birth certificate with our names listed as his mother and father?   SO AMAZING.  We love our little miracle.

We will be leaving Idaho on this coming Tuesday to fly to Chicago to visit our family there one last time.  From there, we will head to Phoenix to visit family.  AND THEN (as long as passports and visas cooperate) WE ARE SOOO OUTTA HERE!  I can practically smell the ocean breezes!


Elias wanted to be sure we wouldn’t leave without him…

We have moved at least once every single calendar year since 2008, so you’d think we’d be experts by now.  But moving is still stressful no matter how many times you do it!  Incidentally, this is also the longest residence we have held since 2008, so we’ve acquired some stuff.  A big donation to Goodwill is in our future.

We are so thankful for our time in Nampa, and especially for the reason for our time in Nampa.  Now we are excited for the next step: returning to Indonesia as the Fagerlie 3!