Hospital Stay

Of all the “firsts” I was looking forward to in Elias’ life, the first trip to the hospital (besides birth, of course) was, surprisingly, not one of them.

About two weeks ago, we took Elias to the doctor because he was wheezing.  They diagnosed him with bronchialitis and sent us home with a nebulizer to give him breathing treatments.  After a week, he stopped wheezing.  Yay!  Then, on this past Tuesday, he was wheezing again, so we brought him back into the doctor.  Same deal, nebulizer and breathing treatments.  On Thursday he had his 6-month well-baby check.  The doctor listened to his lungs and didn’t like what he was hearing, so he admitted him to the hospital overnight for observation.

Elias was a champ in the hospital.  He smiled and talked to all the nurses and doctors.  IMG_0713

If you’re going to be in the hospital, being the happy, smiley baby is the way to go!  Love my little boy.  And we are so grateful that he wasn’t any worse.


He sat still for his x-rays and cooed at the x-ray techs.  I tell ya, this kid is awesome.  Plus, his x-rays came back clear!


We spent the night.  It was a long one.  Sigh.  Sleeping in the hospital=no sleep.  This is Elias in the hospital crib.  May this be the only time we see him behind bars!  At around 2 a.m. the pulse-ox machine starting giving an alarm because Elias’ oxygen levels had dropped to 84 (they want them to be between 95 and 100 and anything below 90 is considered low).  The nurse gave him oxygen for about 30 minutes while waiting for the respiratory guy.  Once he showed up, Elias rolled over and coughed and his levels suddenly went up to 98!  I guess he just had a little plug of mucus in there restricting the flow of oxygen.  Amazingly, Elias slept through this whole ordeal.  Once he cleared that bit of junk, they decided to give him some Albuterol (the med he gets through the nebulizer).  It helps loosen things up, but also make him hyper.  So at 2:30 a.m., it was time to party!

We spent the next two hours trying to sleep (but really “partying” instead).  Elias apparently liked the nurse because he kept kicking off his oxygen monitor so that she would come in again.  Every time she walked in the door, he had a huge grin on his face.

Anyway, we made it to morning and the doctor came to check on him.  He listened to his lungs and was happy with what he heard, so he sent us home!  Yay!  He’ll still need to do breathing treatments every few hours, but he can do them at home.  Because coughing cleared up the lack of oxygen, the doctor wasn’t too concerned about that whole episode. We are planning to bring the nebulizer to Indonesia with us since it seems like this may be a pattern in his life.  Poor kid.

Overall, I am so grateful that his first hospital stay was a good experience and not traumatizing (for me or him).  My heart goes out to those parents out there whose kiddos are in the hospital long-term.  I have no idea how you do it.

Some fun things about the hospital stay (if there is such a thing)…

When asked, “Are you his legal guardians?” we could say, “Yes!”
Elias’ hospital bracelet said “Fagerlie, Elias” instead of “Baby Boy, A New Beginning” like it did when he was born.  I even took a picture:


(Isn’t that the cutest chunky-monkey ankle you’ve ever seen?)

Hearing “He is so cute!” over and over again.  The 2 a.m. respiratory guy said they get a lot of “neat” babies, but Elias was definitely a cute one, in his professional medical opinion, of course.


Love my sweet boy!  I’m so glad that he is home and healthy.  Thank you to everyone out there who was praying for us!