6 Fun Facts about Elias

1.  Elias, the name we chose, is the Greek form of Elijah.  It means “Jehovah is God.”

2. Tate, the name chosen by his birth mom, means “cheerful” or “he who talks a lot.”  Let’s go with “cheerful.”  :)

3. Elias was born 9 months after we returned to the U.S. from Indonesia.  He was growing away while we completed our home study and we didn’t even know it, but God did!

4.  Elias was born exactly 6 years to the month from when we first started trying to have a child.

5.  Elias’s first road trip was the 4-hour drive home from the hospital–he was just two days old.  This kid is a traveller from the start!

6.  One of the reason’s that Elias’s birth mom chose us is because she was excited about the adventure he will be able to have in Indonesia–the very thing we thought would turn birth mom’s off.  God is awesome isn’t He??

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4 thoughts on “6 Fun Facts about Elias

  1. Becky, I am so happy for you guys. LOVE the name! God is SO faithful and it is encouraging reading your story. My heart is filled with joy for you. Welcome to motherhood! It’s a crazy, wonderful adventure. ~Heather (Andrea’s cousin)

  2. Congratulations Becky! I’ve been praying for your journey for awhile, and I’m so excited for you and Nathan! Blessing upon blessing upon blessing!

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