We have a 4-week old!  For reals.

Let’s back this gravy train up shall we?

On January 3 we turned in our profile book…the book that the birth mom’s look at to choose their adoptive family.  We fully expected to be waiting around for 6-8 months so you can imagine our surprise when we got a phone call on January 15 that we had been chosen by a birth mom, the very first birth mom (and also the very last as it turns out) to ever see our profile book.  12 days on the waiting list.  We broke agency records.  I think maybe God had something to do with it :)

Eight weeks later, on March 11 Elias Tate Fagerlie was born.  He was 8 lbs, 2 oz and 21.25 inches long.  We received a phone call on the 12th informing us of his birth and we headed out to the hospital to pick up our son!  He came home on the 13th.

Now he is four weeks old and growing like a champion.  He’s the best baby ever!  Like, really.  We’re totally unbiased.  For legal reasons, we were not allowed to share this publicly until now.  This is also the major reason that I haven’t really blogged for the last three months…how do I write about anything else except our new little guy??

There are many many more blogs to come, but for now I’ll leave you with some pictures.


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  1. He is absolutely adorable – I LOVE the picture where he’s looking directly into the camera! Congratulations!!!

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