The One With the Stingray

Everything that I know about jellyfish I learned from Friends.  Have you seen that episode?  Monica is on the beach with Chandler and Joey and then she gets stung by a jellyfish.  They remember that peeing on it helps take the sting out…hilarity ensues.  Yup.  That’s about all I know about jellyfish: get stung, pee on it.  And NONE of this information was helpful when I got stung by a stingray last week.

I was walking in the ocean, carrying my niece Violet (mind you, we were in about mid-calf deep water) and I FORGOT TO SHUFFLE MY FEET!  Blah, so the little buggar stung the top of my foot when I stepped on him.  Sorry little guy…but did you really have to sting me??  Ouch.

I managed to hold on to my niece and shuffle my feet back to dry land.  It bled, got a little swollen and STUNG.  No amount of peeing on it was going to help.  At least I don’t think so…we didn’t try it.  But all and all, I was grateful it wasn’t any worse.  I wasn’t quite up for visiting the Mexican hospital on our first day of vacation!

The next day, my sister and brother-in-law were walking down to the beach when they came across a seagull eating a stingray!  VINDICATION!  Take that little stingray (I’m quite sure this was the exact same stingray that got me…because, well, I really want to believe that it’s the same one!)

Let this be a lesson to all you stingrays out there: if you sting me…you’ll get eaten by a crazy seagull!  STINGRAYS BEWARE!

P.S.-This is not the first time my foot has appeared on this blog.  My poor feet have taken a beating over the years!