Daboto is the last airstrip I visited.  Nathan says it is his hardest airstrip because the margins are so narrow–pilot to English translation:  it’s short, so you have to land in the right place and stop quickly; it’s sloped, so it feel like a roller coaster; and it’s narrow, so you have to land right on the center line so your wings don’t scrap the mountainside.  Fun huh?

Do I have a soft spot for the kids?  I think so.

This is some kind of wood (Sandalwood maybe?) that the local people try to sell at the market in the “big city.”  We weren’t able to take any of it out with us this time, but they were sure ready to load the whole place with it!

I loved being in Daboto.  The people were are really friendly.  I also learned a new greeting!  “Aba aba aba aba aba aba”  It means hello or something.  But it’s fun to say!