Three Degrees South

We live approximately 3 degrees south of the equator.  (The most southern part of Florida is 24 degrees north of the equator.)

And no, our toilets do not flush backwards.  Let’s just put that rumor to rest.

So, living close to the equator means this:

1.  We are closer to the sun and therefore sunburn happens much quicker.
2.  The sun rises and sets at approximately the same time everyday, year round.
3.  The temperature and humidity levels stay the about the same, year round.  (it’s usually in the mid-80’s and around 75% humidity)
4.  We only have two seasons: rainy and dry (or less rainy, as I like to call it).

I forget that the seasons are changing in the US right now and I forget that the days get shorter.

We watch American television and think, “Why is it so dark out? [on the show]  It’s only 6:00 pm!” or “They are driving on the wrong side of the road!” …but that’s a differently matter entirely.

So, soak up a little extra Fall for me, would ya?  Because I miss it!

One thought on “Three Degrees South

  1. The comment about the toilet not flushing backwards is a common misnomer. The Coriolis Effect is what most people think makes the water spiral. While the Coriolis Effect does exist, it is actually rather weak. So weak in fact that a person can reverse the spiral direction with just their finger in a sink or bathtub. What really controls the direction of the spiral is the slight deviations in the toilet bowl and how the water flows into the bowl controls the spiral. Since toilets generally follow the same design, they all spiral in a clock-wise direction.

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