Stump Puddle-Problem Solver

We had this problem in our front yard that every time it rained (which is frequently), we’d have a GINORMOUS puddle in front of our porch.   To get inside the house, you had to traipse right on through the giant, (did I mention?) muddy puddle. There was no avoiding it.  It was too big. 

We wanted to do something about it, but we didn’t want to spend a ton-o-cash. 

Then I found this picture on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest yet?  it’s aweseome):

And I thought, “One of the trees on base was stuck by lightning!”

And a tree struck by lighting in close proximity to the fuel gudang (what’s the English word??? um, storage area?) is bad…wood, sparks, fuel.  Bad.  So, the tree was cut down, leaving a ton of stumps lying around.  Perfect for my little front porch puddle problem!

…in process.

I realize that in comparison to the original Pinterest version, our little stump puddle-problem solver seems kind of weak sauce, but it works and it was FREE (except for the $8 shovel we had to buy)!

Hopefully it won’t just rot away…

No more puddle for us! (at least not right there…the backyard is a different problem story.)

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