The Biggest Kitchen I’ve Ever Had

I love, love, love my new kitchen.

And I cleaned it all up, spic and span for you folks!  (well, plus it needed to be done…)

Do you spot something slightly odd in our kitchen??

I’ll give you a hint….the fridge.

It’s in front of the window.

Yup, our fridge is to big to fit in the fridge spot, so they oven and the fridge have switched places.

But I love my fridge and I love my oven, so it’s all ok.

And now I’m off to do dishes in the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had!

4 thoughts on “The Biggest Kitchen I’ve Ever Had

  1. Having your stove underneath a window is highly overrated. When steam, infused with grease molecules attach themselves to the glass and wood trim, it can be a bear to get rid of.

    On the other hand… the window behind the fridge gives it a feeling of importance in the overall decor. I see a trend developing here. Well done Becky!

  2. This looks like something I would see on House Hunters International. It’s beautiful.

  3. Yay for big kitchens! I noticed right off the bat that your fridge was in the “stove spot”, and wondered why that was. But, yay for big fridges! Thanks for sharing pictures! :-)

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