Papua Fleet

Yesterday Nathan called me to come over to the hangar to take pictures because 12 (of maybe 16) of MAF Papua’sairplanes were sitting in Sentani.  This doesn’t happen very often, but because of various incoming flights and maintenance needs, a whole bunch of them congregated here yesterday.

Seven airplanes in this picture.  Five C206s and two Kodiaks.  One Kodiak can carry two C206s worth of cargo and/or passengers.

Two generations of MAF aircraft: the Cessna 206 and the Quest Kodiak.

One of MAF Papua’s three Kodiaks.  Right now these are all in Sentani, but one day we will follow one out to a different base where Nathan will fly!

Three more airplanes: two C206s and a Caravan.

So, total airplanes:

2 Cessna Grand Caravans (the other Caravan is in the hangar…hard to see in the pictures)
3 Quest Kodiaks (the 3rd also in the hangar)
7 Cessna 206s

Whew!  That’s a whole lot of airplanes.  Which means a whole lot of flying.  Which means a whole lot of stuff and people carried.  Which means a whole lot more time for real work to be done and a whole lot of sick people brought to hospitals and a whole lot of kids brought to schools to receive a good education and a whole lot of food brought to hungry people and a whole lot of, well you get the idea!

And MAF Papua has been accident free for two years!  Which is impressive!  You should see where these guys fly and what they land on!  It’s crazy!