Kodiak #3

On Thanksgiving Day, our third Kodiak arrived!

Two of our pilots flew commercial to Malaysia to pick up the airplane from the ferry pilot who had flown it from the States. 

After a 10 + hour flight over open ocean, our guys made it into Sentani safely around 7:30 on  Thursday night!  They had to get special permission to land after sunset, because usually the airport closes at 6pm.  They stayed open late, and kept all the lights on just for our guys!  It is the first night landing done by MAF in Papua for a whole lot of years!

There it is!  Driving onto the MAF pad.  (sorry the picture is grainy…my flash is pretty weak.)

The pilots were sure glad to be back home in Sentani after such a long flight.  It is EXTREMELY unusual for MAF to fly for that long without any breaks!

Now MAF has to register the plane,  get the certificate of air-worthiness from the Indonesian government and change the registration numbers on the side of the plane before it can legally be flown in Indonesia.  (They had a special permit to get it into the country, but that is only a one-time deal.)

Everyone is really excited to have 3 Kodiaks in country now!  One of them will be Nathan’s plane, but we’re not sure which one yet!

He is scheduled to start flight training next week.

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