Ziploc Gold

Ziploc bags are a hot commodity around here.

They are NOT availabe anywhere in this entire country.  At least, not that I’ve found. 

Occasionally I’ll stumble upon a very poor Indonesian-made substitute.  But Ziplocs are really the best.

So, before we left for Indonesia, when we were packing our crates in America, we made a little trip to that magical store Costco and bought about a 1/2 gazillion Ziplocs bags in all shapes and sizes.

And because they are such a hot commodity…it is a very rare occasion that a Ziploc bag gets thrown away.  I wash them, dry them and reuse them.

Here’s how to wash a Ziploc bag (I bet you didn’t think you’d be reading this “how to” when you came to my blog today!):

1. Fill bag with soapy water.
2.  Swish around really well, making sure all of the previously stored guk gets unstuck from the sides of the bag.
3.  Dump out water.
4. Turn bag inside out and rinse remaining soap from the now outside walls of the bag.
5. Hang up to dry.

Ta-da!   I have a really hard time throwing away Ziplocs bags after only one use now.  It seems wrong somehow.  It’s still perfectly good bag!

2 thoughts on “Ziploc Gold

  1. Yeah, I wash mine, too. The only ones I throw away after only one use are the ones that have had raw meat in them. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to use them again, no matter if they’re washed or not! Also, after several uses I find that sometimes they get kind of sticky and nasty, I don’t know if the soap breaks down the plastic, or if it is because of greasy things that have been in the bags, but sometimes they don’t last all that long, unfortunately!

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