A Little Mini Tour

…of my kitchen, since that is where I spend about 60% of my time these days. 

The other 40% is spent in my air-conditioned bedroom.  Just kidding!  That’s only like 39% of my time.  😉

Anyway, on with the tour!

This, obviously, is the sink.  I stand here a bazillion times a day doing dishes since I do not have a dishwasher or a househelper.  It’s never ending!  There were even dishes to do when I took this picture.  Sigh.  I think they’re still there…

Yes, those are our toothbrushes to the left of the sink.  Our bathroom sink is all plugged up right now so we can’t use it.  Don’t worry, Nathan plans of fixing it this weekend!

And do you see that yellow mustard jar lid to the right of the sink?  It’s filled with ant poison.  I think that I’m currently winning the battle!  HAHA!

The stove/oven.  It’s MAF’s.  Mine is sitting in a box in the hangar at the moment.  My brand new pretty stove.  Someday I’ll get to actually use it….

Anyway, this one works for now.

I made pancakes this morning.  Thus the griddle.  Sorry, I didn’t clean up for the photo shoot!

If you look closely, you can see that the butter in the container to the right of the stove is melting into liquid.  That’s how hot it is here.

Sentani, Papua: So hot, your butter will turn to liquid. 

I should write greeting cards!

See all of that counter space?  This is the largest kitchen I’ve had in my married (i.e. living on my own) life!  Who knew I’d have to come half-way around the world to get it!

Again, sorry I didn’t clean up for the photo shoot.

There’s that melting butter again.  And a fridge. 

And my Bosch.  My beloved Bosch.  Which I use just about every day.  It’s awesome.

Well, with that, I will conclude our little mini tour of my kitchen.  I hope you enjoyed it!

I have enjoyed writing it…from my desk…in my air-conditioned bedroom.

The End.

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