Favorite Things

As far as I know, this tea is only available in Indonesia and it is SO GOOD! 

We’re not really hot tea drinkers, but I do make ice tea with this and it’s yummy.  Sari Wangi also makes vanilla, orange,  apple and green tea.

If you happen to stumble across this in your local grocery store, count yourself lucky and don’t walk, RUN to the register with it!  You won’t be sorry!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. I tried it from the box of it you gave me. It is good. But I’m the opposite: drink hot tea but not cold/ice. (Do you have ice there?)

  2. Sariwangi is my favorite tea, too! I always bring it back to the States with me, although for some reason it doesn’t taste quite the same there! My absolute favorite is the Orange flavor. Yum, yum!

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