Favorite Things

I told my mom that I was going to write a “favorite things” post about my deodorant and she laughed at me…but seriously folks, I love my deodorant and I’m not afraid to say so!

I initially started using this deodorant because I was having allergic reaction to every other deodorant that I tried.  Not.  Fun.

And then I realized how awesome it is!  I swear I sweat less with this deodorant (note: this is not an anti-perspirant) than I did before and I never smell…even on the hottest and humidest (is that a word??) days that Indonesia has thrown at me!  I’ve never had any kind of allergic reaction to it.

The BEST PART:  it is cheap!  Sure one stick cost more than a regular brand, but that one stick lasts forever.  I have yet to use up a whole stick!

I even got Nathan to try it!

It’s awesome.  What else can I tell you??