Hey Ya’ll!

Just a quick update to tell you that we’re alive!

After a whirlwind trip to Chicago and Phoenix, we are now in Spokane, WA where Nathan will do his Kodiak training.  Tomorrow morning he will start the maintenance portion of the training and I will begin my reintroduction to Target (Me, Starbucks and a big red cart…it’s going to be awesome!)

Oh!  Maybe they have Seattle’s Best Coffee in this part of the country!  America is awesome!  One grande vanilla tea has my name on it!

Anyway, we got to see these two cutie patooties in Phoenix.  I wish I could take them back to Indonesia with us, but I’m pretty sure their mom (my sis-in-law) wouldn’t be as excited about that as I would be!


Ok, so Daria’s eyes are closed and Violet is not looking at the camera.  But they are still so cute!

One thought on “Whirlwind

  1. Jealous! Enjoy the Starbucks and Target. I can only imagine the fun that will be had!

    I love the Meercut jackets your nieces are wearing! Priceless! You should definitely send that picture to Ratih – she’ll love it :-)

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