Accidental Breakfast Dates

This week, Nathan and I accidentally had two breakfast dates, just the two of us!  You see, we had planned to meet one of our pastors for breakfast…

On Thursday morning, we set an alarm and got out the door before either of our kids had woken up (with Grandma and Grandpa as babysitters) and drove 45 minutes to the agreed upon restaurant.  We got a booth, ordered coffee (me, not him), and admired the menu (nutella crepes! eggs benedict! sticky bun french toast!).  After about 10 minutes of waiting, Nathan reread the exchange of texts with the pastor and realized that breakfast was supposed to be on Friday morning.  Oops.  Whelp, what does one do when you’ve driven 45 minutes, already have coffee and babysitters?  Order breakfast, of course!  It. Was. Delicious.  And time with my favorite man?  Priceless.

On Friday morning, we set an alarm again and got out the door before either of our kids had woken up again (with Grandma and Grandpa as babysitters again) and drove 45 minutes to the agreed upon restaurant again.  We got a booth again, ordered coffee again (me, not him), and admired the menu again (denver omlets! apple pancakes! migas frittatas!).  After about 10 minutes of waiting, Nathan texted the pastor….and this time it was him who messed up.  He had gotten busy working that morning and just forgot.  We laughed together at our mutual mistakes, ours the day before, his that morning.  Agreed on a different day to try to meet.  And then we ordered breakfast!  Breakfast dates are my favorite.

Nathan heads into surgery next week.  Wednesday to be exact.  So, he is facing several weeks of recovery.  Our kids will be extra needy while Daddy is out of commission.  We really don’t know what to expect, health-wise, for Nathan.  And so I am extra grateful for our accidental breakfast dates this week.  Maybe God knew we needed some extra time together before the weeks ahead.

He is a good, good Father.


Layla’s Bean

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed Layla sporting a fancy helmet.  We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the helmet, mostly why she’s wearing it.  Well, our pediatrician noticed that Layla’s head was very round, not oval like it is supposed to be.  This can be caused by her position in the womb or from laying on her back as an infant. So she recommended we have her evaluated for a DOC band (the helmet).

The DOC band specialist said that Layla had a mild/moderate case of Brachycephaly.  Had she not worn the band, the largest consequence would have been trouble finding hats and bike helmets that fit correctly.  Since we had already met our family deductible for the year, we figured it we should just go for it!

Layla's Bean

Layla's Bean

The band did not bother Layla one little bit.  It is light as a feather so she barely knew it was there.  Although, this was also the time where she was getting much more mobile, so she was bonking her head everywhere.  The helmet gave her a little layer of protection from the edge of the coffee table!

Layla's Bean

The band doesn’t put any pressure on her skull, it only stops her skull from growing a certain direction, changing the shape of her head.

Layla's Bean

Layla's Bean

And since she had to wear the band 23 hours a day (1 hour off for bathing), we had to make it cute!  I decorated it with stickers sealed with clear nail polish…easy peasy.

She wore the helmet for 3 months and now she’s done!  The doctor’s office took before and after pictures for us so that we could see the changes the helmet made.



She did it!  Her first graduation!