Furlough So Far

Well, it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me!  I’ve been head deep in a new baby, a four-year-old with culture shock and lots of sickness.  This has been our life lately:  Layla gets sick.  Layla gets better.  Elias gets sick.  Elias gets better.  Nathan gets sick.  Nathan gets better.  I get sick.  I get better.  AND REPEAT!  I don’t know if it’s these good ol’ American germs that our bodies haven’t been around for the last few years or what, but man, we have been sick a lot!

I don’t want to be a total Debbie Downer though so here are some awesome things about furlough:

Soft toilet paper. Maybe I shouldn’t put this as the first thing I list.  But it is the first thing that came to mind because soft toilet paper is amazing and makes life better.  AmIright?

Drinking fountains. With drinkable water to boot!  We taught Elias how to use these and now he is all about it.

Date nights with places we actually want to go! Does this really need explanation?  I like Nathan…and yummy restaurants.  Mexican is my jam, ya’ll.

Anonymity. We basically can’t go anywhere in Nabire without someone asking to take our picture or pinching Elias’ cheeks.  So blending into the crowd for awhile is quite nice.  Elias still doesn’t quite understand why we don’t know every single white person that we see, but he has stopped asking “who’s that?” at every turn.

English. While I love that we learned Indonesian and can make conversation with our Indonesian co-workers, English is easy and doesn’t take as much brain power.  I don’t have to translate everything in my head before responding.  Maybe I’ll get to that point someday with Indonesian, but I haven’t gotten there yet.  Plus, church in English=my heart language.

Family. This actually should be #1 on the list.  I love hanging out with our family.  I love that Elias loves his cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Family is cool.  Family that is close-by is even cooler.

Grocery Stores. You know what’s amazing??  Going to the grocery store and buying exactly what you came in for!  And about 50 things that you didn’t come in for because, well, Cheeze-its exist.  And so do tortilla chips.  And jelly beans.  And Pop Tarts (Elias has newly discovered Pop Tarts).  I know that people are jumping on the ClickList bandwagon and I get it…sorta.  But man, do I love walking through a clean, organized, fully stocked grocery store!

Traffic Laws.  Ok, admittedly this may seem like a strange addition to the list.  But when I drive in Nabire, I come home with tension in my shoulders.  When I drive here, there are rules…that people follow!  It’s like a day at the spa.  Well, as much as driving can be a day at the spa.  You know what I mean.

Obviously, there are about 1,000 more things I could add to this list.  But I’m going to stop here for now because Layla needs some attention from Mommy :)  Peace out ya’ll.

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