Daboto School

If you received our most recent newsletter, you read about the school in Daboto.  (If you didn’t read it, you can see it here)  I had so many pictures from Daboto that won’t all fit in a newsletter, so I thought I’d share them here.  We are so excited and so blessed to be a part of this project, even if it’s just a small part!

unloading plywood

It's far

All the way to the worksite


Every single piece of wood, every piece of furniture, every tool that is offloading from Nathan’s airplane is carried by-hand to the work site, all the way down the airstrip, then down a narrow little path…it’s not close.  But there are plenty of helping hands to do the work!

Clinic gourd guy

Another project that we didn’t mention in the newsletter is this little clinic.  Siloam is a rather large medical group (is that the right term?)  There are several Siloam Hospitals in Indonesia.  It is, in fact, where Nathan was treated many, many years ago when he was having severe Crohn’s problems.  These clinic employs several workers that run this little clinic, treating patients and passing out medicine.  Of course, if there are any major medical issues that cannot be handled at the clinic, a med-evac will still be called.

classroom kiddos

classroom again

they're just so cute

I mean, seriously

Look at that smile

lining up

I just love seeing all of these faces!  Can you even begin to wrap your brain around the amazingness that this little school, in this little village is the time first ever, in the history of time, Moi kids have received a formal education?  Because I sure can’t.

solar panels

teacher dorm

This is the teacher dorm and the solor panels that power it and the school.  No power company in the middle of the jungle!  I believe that the teacher dorm is now complete and the teacher will be moving in soon.


And, of course, we can’t say goodbye without a picture of an airplane and a grass airstrip, right?




Diggin’ D

D is for duck

I feel like I’m losing my mojo for school and we’re only on the letter D!  Uh-oh.  But we’ll press on anyway, because ultimately I really do enjoy this special time with my boy.

So, this week we learned about the letter D and started out with our letter D duck!  While Elias pasted this together, I read Duck in the Truck, one I actually own!  One of the harder parts of this for perfectionist me is letting him glue these things together without carefully placing all the pieces myself.  But I’m working on it and we end up with wonky ducks that he totally loves because he did it himself!

Writing practice

That little sticking-out tongue just kills me.  Love him!

letter identification

You know what’s great?  Tile floors and white board markers!  Our tiles are completely smooth and so they are super easy to write on and erase.  So we played this little game where he had to throw the beanbags to the letter I called out.

d is for domino


I almost forgot I had these little cardboard dominos–a white elephant gift from several years ago.  So, Elias used the big D I had written on the floor and made a d out of Dominos.

d is for doughnuts

On the last day of our D week, I had really great intentions of making yeast doughnuts.  Because how good are homemade doughnuts?  So good!  Unfortunately, my yeast was bad and so my doughnut dough never rose.  Elias had fun helping me mix together the ingredients anyway!….And then we made cake doughnuts the next morning.


On the Beach Where we Live

On the beach where we live

I’ve said this before ’round these parts, but I can almost forget from day to day that we live so close to the ocean.  We so rarely every go down there.  Though it looks pretty from high above, the beach is actually full of trash,  animal parts and other generally unpleasant things that you wouldn’t normally hope for in your beach-going experience.

Recently though, Elias and I have started taking walks on the beach to hunt for “treasure” (pieces of sea glass, coral and shells) and I’ve come to appreciate our little stretch of beach for what it is.

Searching for treasure

amongst the trash

Ocean front

While it is indeed a dirty beach, it is still a beach.  The waves crash while salty breezes blow through my hair.  The sand is squished through our toes.  Sounds of town are drowned out by the ocean.

wooden boat


more treasure

Crabs skitter as Elias squats to pick up his treasure. (“When you see some treasure, you say ‘ahoy’, Mom.”)  And he has this uncanny ability to look past all the trash to find the little bits of beauty.

Nabire Ocean front

the search continues

Wooden boat

drift wood

So, I am coming to appreciate this little beach of ours.  For all that it is: trash and treasure.

3 1/2

Our little man turned 3 1/2 this month.  Can he really be that old already?

He is kind, funny, talkative, smart and oh-so-handsome.  We just love him to pieces!

I, of course, took a gazillion pictures of his sweet little face.

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2

3 1/2








father son

Crazy for C!

Week 3 of Preschool: The Letter C!


C is for Car

C is for Car!

First up, we made this cute little letter C with letter C cars.  How cute are they?  And then we watched a little video about cars on YouTube (and truth be told, I don’t remember the name of it)

painting with cars


painting with cars

I really thought Elias would like this activity more than he did.  My thought was to roll his cars in some washable paint and then roll them down some paper taped to a ramp to make car tracks.  Because how fun is it to paint with cars?  Well, he did it a few times and then said, “what’s next?”

Draw in flour

Who doesn't love to eat flour

So, we spent the rest of our time practicing drawing “Cs” in a tray of flour.  This is messy and oh-so-fun!  Lots of flour may or may not have been consumed in this activity!



Day 2.  C is for Cow!

First we made this little toilet paper roll cow.  Elias had fun coloring the spots on the cow.  We also read the book “Click, Clack, Moo.”  I actually own this one :)


And then we played “how many spots.”  I tried a few different versions of this game, until we landed on one that worked.  I first tried having Elias roll a die, count the dots on the die and then putting that many spots on the cow, but this didn’t really work.  Next, I put the spots on the cow and had him count them.  Then we would add or subtract a spot and count again.  This version worked a little better and was easier than counting the tiny dots on the die.  Finally we just glued the spots down and called it a day.

C is for Cat

Day 3: C is for Cat!

First Elias made this cute little handprint cat.  He liked having his hand painted.  And then we read “If you give a Cat a Muffin.”

Practice cutting

practice cutting

Elias also practiced his cutting skills.  He has just reached the age when he can hold the scissors properly and cut a relatively straight line.  I bought these “Let’s Cut Paper!” books online a few months ago and they give some simple and cute guidelines for practicing scissors skills.

After mess


Homeschooling is definitely not perfect.  It’s messy.  There are bad attitudes (his and mine).  We are often still in our pajamas.  But it’s also brought about some great conversations and great bonding.  And, at the end of the day, when Elias says, “Thank you, Mommy”  it’s all worth it.


Three Years!  On August 15, we celebrated the three year anniversary of the day we finalized Elias’ adoption.

Can you believe it’s already been that long since Elias’ very first Gotcha Day?  Time sure flies when you’re having fun (and chasing a busy toddler!).




Even now, I still get a little teary-eyed when he introduces himself as Elias Fagerlie.  Adoption is awesome!  I’m so proud that he’s mine. We love you Elias Tate!

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Visiting Kiyage lagi (again)

I love flying along with Nathan.  I don’t seem to get to do it as often now with all of my mommy responsibilities, so when I do get to go, it’s extra special!

This was on our way home from Wamena.  Just like our last trip to Wamena, we stopped in the village of Kiyage.

Kiyage overhead

Kiyage overheard

Overhead Kiyage

Kiyage landing

Getting ready to land!

People of Kiyage

Elias and I often have a little posse that follow us around when we are interior.  It usually takes Elias a little time to warm up, but by the end of our time in Kiyage, he was putting on a little “show” for anyone who would watch by making silly faces at them.  They thought it was hilarious!

Shade of the Wing



Each passenger needs a ticket!  So, not only is Nathan the load crew, pilot and flight attendant, he also runs the ticket “counter.”  His time on the ground is packed full of activity.  He unloads people and cargo, often adds/removes seats, writes tickets for all passengers, loads new cargo and people, does a passenger briefing and then switches to pilot mode.  Not to mention any scuffles he has to help settle, flight requests he collects; all in another language! Phew, it’s exhausting just to watch!  I admire him every time!

malaria patient

This little guy had malaria and so he came to town with us to get treated.  While malaria is usually very treatable…without treatment (which is hard to come by in the village), it can be deadly.

Kiyage take-off

Kiyage take-off

Everyone on board and ready for take off!  It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but the runway is downhill.  It’s like a rollercoaster ride!

‘B’ Bonanza

Preschool: Week 2


Something I forgot to mention last time, is the Bible lesson that we do everyday.  We are using the book “Long Story Short”  The lessons are just the right length for Elias’ attention span.  I love that it is more than just reading from a children’s storybook Bible (though there is a time and place for that), but it has us reading straight from the Bible and then gives us some questions to think about.  And since it is split up into 5-lesson segments, we do this M-F.


Another part of our Bible lesson, is what I’m calling The Gratitude Project.  Like all kids (and me too!) Elias has a mean case of the “I wants” and so we are taking time each day to think of the things we already have to be grateful for.  Each day, Elias and I list at least two things that we’re thankful for.  Sometimes, this is like pulling teeth and other days it just pours out of him (and yes, sometimes poop and boogers make the list…he is totally BOY).  Once everything is written in our super notebook, we pray and thank God for everything on our list.  It will be so fun to look at this book when he is older and be reminded of all the things his little 3-year-old brain was grateful for!

And now….onto the letter B!

We did school in Wamena (a town up in the mountains) this week since we were there for an airplane inspection.  Maybe it was 2nd-week-of-school-itus or maybe it was being out of routine, but I found this week to be harder than last.  I did, however, love, love, love that we did school in front of a fire each morning.  Collecting the wood and starting the fire was part of our school day!

B is for Butterfly

Day 1-B is for Butterfly!

First we listened to the book The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar on YouTube.  And then we decorate our letter B to look like a butterfly.  Elias used his fingerprints to make the pattern on the butterfly wings since our fingerprints are each unique just like butterfly wings!  Of course, after awhile the fingerprints turned into finger smears…but what are ya gonna do?  :)

Letter B

Letter B

Next Elias made a letter B out of blue blocks and out of these letter sticks (don’t know what else to call them) that a friend lent to us.

B is for Blueberry

Day 2-B is for Blueberry Bushes!

We listend to “Blueberries for Sal” on YouTube and then made these cute little blueberry bushes.  In retrospect, we probably should have made the blueberries with q-tips (like we did with our ants last week), but we were away from home and I forgot to pack them.  Oh well!  Aside from our daily Bible lesson, this is all we did on Day 2.

Bear Hunt
Day 3-B is for Bear

(back home!)

We listened to Goldilocks and Just One Bear on YouTube and then read Going on a Bear Hunt (one I actually own).  And then Elias did his own bear hunt.  I hid several of these counting bears around the family room and he collected them in a bucket.  Once the were all collected, he had to place them on a chart according to their color and then count them.

A and B books

Finally, he made his “B” book to add to the “A” book we made last week.  Just like before, I cut out shapes of objects beginning with the letter B (boat, butterfly, bunny, bird, balloon and bear) Elias painted them and then we glued one on each page.



You might be a PKMK (Pilot Kid, Missionary Kid) if, when standing on a flight line of super cool airplanes, you are more interested in catching the tiny moths flying around because airplanes are just a part of normal life.

Catching Butterflies

Who Cares about the Airplanes?

Butterfly Tamer

Butterfly tamer

I love my little PKMK!