Muddy and Happy

[I wrote this post last week and the internet (cross my fingers) is finally working well enough to post it!]

It’s been raining here.  Like, a lot of rain.  And every since the city redid the drainage along the side of the road next to the base, the base has been flooding.  In fact, a lot of the city is flooding.  Thankfully for us, the water has yet to get into our houses (others in town have not been so fortunate).  Our drains back up and we’re finding all the leaks in our roof, but otherwise we’re grateful to be dry.

For a kid, the newly formed lakes on base are a big, wet playground!  Elias tromps around in the puddles and comes home muddy and happy, even though he hasn’t found any fish yet, despite all of his searching.

Puddle Play

Rain, Rain, Rain

Came Down, Down, Down



Pulling Uncle John



Snow Day!

I just got home from the store and I’m sweating. And I don’t mean that in a glistening sort of way, I mean that in a I-just-lost-3-pounds-of-water-weight sorta of way.  It’s hot here y’all.  And not just hot, humid.

So, let’s think back shall we?  Let’s think back to three weeks ago when Elias and I were SO COLD, but SO JOYOUS to be playing in the snow at my parent’s house in Michigan. (Let’s be real…Elias was much more joyous than I was…I was mostly just cold.)

There was a snow-covered dirt pile in the backyard, and if you know my boy, you know that this dirt pile had to be conquered!

King of the Snow Mountain

See, I was there too

Flying on top of snow mountain

“I can just fly off it, Mommy!”

But, instead, I insisted he slide down…

Sliding down snow mountain

More Sliding

And then Elias helped Grandpa shovel the driveway and I took way too many pictures because he is too cute for words.






Finally, it was time to go inside!  But not before gathering up some fire wood so that we could thaw in front of a warm fire.

Helping with firewood

So, with that, I’ll all cooled off (or maybe the A/C has something to do with it) and dreaming of the next time we see big, fluffy, white snow!


My Spunky One

My goodness, this child of mine, he is something.  On the day we met him in the hospital the nurse’s words to us were, “He’s a spunky one!”  And man-oh-man was she right.  He’s definitely not short on personality!

Just look at this sweet little face:

Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!

Oh, and then there’s this face too:

Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!
Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!

Elias is 3!

And then he caught a tiny little frog.

Elias is 3!

I could not love this little boy more!

Birthday Party Round-Up

It’s official.  My baby is three.  And in true missionary-kid-on-the-go fashion, we had three birthday parties for him: one in Arizona, one in Michigan and one in Nabire!  Spoiled much?

First up: Arizona.  In AZ we had a combined birthday party for Elias and Wren, his cousin who was also turning three.  They had a Mickey and Minnie Mouse party.

AZ cupcakes

AZ presents

Happy Dance

AZ Mickey theme

And then we traveled to Michigan where he had a Cars themed birthday party:

Blowing out Candles

Clothespin drop

E with presents

MI Birthday

And finally, at home in Nabire we had a what-d0-we-have-around-the-house themed birthday party (I kinda lost my mojo on the third party–blame it on jet-lag):




We are so blessed to have Elias in our lives!  He is kind-hearted, crazy-fun, a dancing fool, a chatterbox and a smart little cookie.  We love you, Elias!



Home Again!

Reunited with Friends

                                       Friends Reunited!

Well, 45 hours, 5 airplanes, 3 all-too-quick layovers and 4 swollen ankles (2-Nathan, 2-mine) later we have made it home to Nabire!  Somehow going this direction is always harder on me.  Even now, 3 days after arriving, I’m still nauseous and light headed.  But also happy to be home and then, on the other hand, remembering all the reasons that home is hard.

Here’s to settling in again!

Selamat, America!

Packed and ready to go home.

                 Packed and ready to go home.

Today is Monday.  It is snowing and my toes are numb.  But in just two sleeps, we will get on a plane headed for home.

Home, where the air is salty and warm.  Where we stand out in a crowd and can’t buy butter.  Where my son is growing up and I’m learning to be a mom.  Where my husband comes home everyday with a smile on his face because he loves his job so much.  Where kids call out “hello mister!” to me on the streets and I silently (and sometimes not so silently) vent my road rage at the motorcycles that cut me off.  Home.

This trip to the U.S., my “home,” has truly solidified to me how much Indonesia has become my home; the good, the hard, the hot.  It’s home.  I used to always say about our return, “when we go back” but this time around I have found myself saying, “when we go home.”  And that kinda terrifies me and fills me with joy all at the same time because I know that I have lost something, but also gained something so beautiful.  My wise hubby always says that you will value something when it costs you something.  And my goodness, Indonesia has cost me something and now I love my life there so very much.

So, selamat, America, it’s been real, but I’m ready to get home.