Quotable Elias

Sorry for my prolonged absence from the blog.  We have been busy with another awesome MAF family conference and then an inspection.  Now we are home, getting back into the swing of things!

Have I ever told you that Elias’ middle name, “Tate”, which, by the way, was chosen by his birth mom, means “he who talks a lot” or “cheerful”?  Oh man, it’s like she knew.  This kid is CHATTY and cheerful (well, usually) and I’m loving every minute of it.

Without further ado, here is my adorable and oh so quotable Elias Tate:

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Cupping his his hands as if he’s holding a tiny little whale shark:
“I go see whale shark and say, ‘You want come to my house?’  He say, ‘Yes!’  So cute.”

“Mom, you married my daddy.  I single.”

“We are family.  We are weird.”

First thing in the morning:
“The sun wake me up and hold me.  He has toys.  He has hairpanes and big jets and books.  I read ’em”

9 Years!

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In the last nine years…

…we have live in 8 homes, in 8 cities, in 3 States, on two islands and in 2 countries.

…we have made the journey from America to Indonesia (and back!) 4.5 times.

…we have dealt with the pain of infertility for 8 years, but have also had the blessing of adopting our Elias.

Well, it hasn’t been boring!  :)  Here’s to the next 50 years of adventure!  I love you, Nathan.

Father and Son

There is no doubt that Elias is a Daddy’s boy.

All day long:

“Where’s Daddy, Mama?”
“Daddy working, Mama?”
“When Daddy all done working, Daddy play with me, Mama?”
“I help Daddy with his hairpane, Mama?”
“Can we buy special treat for Daddy, Mama?”
“Where Daddy’s motorbike, Mama?”
“When Daddy done working, I ride motorbike, Mama?”
“Daddy flying, Mama?”
“Daddy say ‘be sweet and obey.'”
“I show Daddy my legos, Mama.”

Reading with Daddy Building with Daddy Walking with Daddy Daddy at Sunset Daddy at the airplane

They have a special bond, these two.  It makes my heart happy.