Seen in Town

I’ve been here long enough now, that I can gloss over all of the…um…interesting things available in the store.  But today I decided to actually look, just for you fine folks :)  Here are a few things I found:


For when you only need 3 diapers.


For that special someone.


Something yummy!


Elias’ Room so far

I never really decorated a room for Elias’ while we were in the U.S. because we knew it was temporary.  So, I’m having a great time decorating his room here.  It is definitely a work in progress, but here is what it currently looks like:

DSC_4759 resize

This is my favorite new feature of his room.  It used to just be a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, but now it’s super fun!  Elias loves it.  He points at it and smiles all the time.  The white lanterns are from IKEA and the colored ones are from a party store in the U.S…don’t remember which one though.

DSC_4760 resize

This is the view from the doorway.  Currently his mattress sits on the floor.  He surprised us and transitioned to a big bed at 13 months.  We were totally unprepared!  Thankfully, some friends were able to bring some bedding for him from the U.S. and we’re working on getting a bed frame made.

The rug is from IKEA.  The green curtains from Walmart.  There are two layers of curtains hanging right now in attempts to block out more light, so it looks a little funky, but it’s effective!

DSC_4763 resize

What’s a boy’s room without toys all over the floor right?  We had the little bookshelf already.  It came with us from language school.  We bought it at a cheap little roadside furniture stand to be used as a shoe rack, but now it’s working well for books and toys.  The wood is totally unfinished.  I might get around to doing something with it someday, but I kinda like the unfinished look for now.

The chair and end table also came with us from language school.

DSC_4765 resize

MAF is in process of making us a wardrobe for him.  So far the dresser is the only usable part, but I am every so grateful for it because we didn’t even have that the first several months we were here, so his clothes were scattered here and there in baskets.

So! There you have it…Elias’ room so far.  There’s a lot to be done still, but it’s getting there.

P.S.-here’s what the room looked like before Elias:

DSC_1301 resize

Mom’s Brag Book

When I was growing up, my Grandma always had a “brag book” in her purse.  This was a little book with photos of all her grandkids that she could pull out at anytime and show anyone (waitresses, cashiers, the guy who helped carry her groceries to the car, etc.) how cute her grandkids all were.

So, even though I’m not a grandma and you’re not a checker at Walmart, can I pull out my “brag book” for a second and tell you about this amazing kid I get to call my son?  He’s 14 months old now and has some pretty impressive skillz (that’s right, skillz with a “z”).

1. He can sit on the bar stool for breakfast without falling off.

DSC_0133 resize

2. He transitioned to a big boy bed (a twin) at 13 months.  This was not really my plan and I was unprepared for it.  But he woke up every time I moved him from my arms to the pack n’ play, so I tried the bed and he slept so much better.  For now, it’s just a mattress on the floor, but we hope to get a bed frame made for him soon.

3. He can hop.  Two feet off the ground.  Yup, amaze balls.

4.  He will eat anything.  And I mean anything.  This is really nice at meal time, because he will eat anything we give him.  But outside, he will shove everything in his mouth too.  Rocks, yum.  Dirt, yum.  Old mangos, delicious.  Beetles, a delicacy.

DSC_3959 resize

5. He is walking 100% of the time, but still kinda look like a drunk sailor when he tries to run.  It’s adorable.

6. Since he’s walking all the time now, he’s starting wearing shoes outside all of the time.  He is super proud of his shoes.

7. He loves animals, especially Daisy, our dog, and Smegal, the cat that wanders around base.  Thankfully they are very patient animals, because his favorite activity with them is to lay right on top of them and giggle.

8. He has no fear of the water.  He will walk right into the ocean, waves and all.  Hopefully, someday, this means he will be a good swimmer…a better swimmer than his mama, at least.

DSC_0870 resize

9. He can say please and thank you, “peas” and “tanks,” in English and baby sign language.  I’m hoping he’ll soon learn it in Indonesian too.

10.  He is a boy through and through.  Give him a pile of dirt and a old tin can, and he will be happy for quite a long time.  Fill the can, empty the can; repeat.  Oh and the puddle on the basketball court…it’s like a boy (and puppy) magnet!  Good thing he likes the water for bath time afterwards!

DSC_4401 resize

Thanks for being patient with me and my “brag book!”  I am one lucky mama.

Cinnamon Roll Coffee Creamer

This one goes out to Randy Robertson of the Vancouver Robertsons.

We just had a whole group of visitors over the weekend (including Sir Robertson).  In preparation for our visitors (aka coffee lovers) I made homemade Cinnamon Roll Coffee Creamer.  Randy said, “you should put it on the blog.”  So…here I am, putting it on the blog!

DSC_4522 resize

Homemade Cinnamon Roll Coffee Creamer

1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 1/2 cups whole milk
4 Tbs brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon (or more if you want more cinnamon flavor)
1 tsp vanilla extract
salt (yup, salt) to taste

Blend all ingredients together until sugar dissolves.  Store in empty Prego jar (or any other jar you might have lying around).

There are no store-bought coffee creamers available in these parts, so we have to get creative.  Plus, homemade means it leaves out all the junk that isn’t good for you anyway.  (because heavy cream is super healthy…let’s just pretend, ok?)



Landing at Idedua

Idedua (translation: two ideas) is one of the new villages where Nathan has recently been checked out.  It’s short and bumpy, which is not a problem if your a stud pilot like my hubby :)  I love all the chattering around the camera!

This strip was previously a 206 only airstrip.  In fact, this trip was the first time a Kodiak had ever been to Idedua (although this landing is not the first landing…the cameraman had to get on the ground somehow!)


We have a new puppy!  Not long after Piper died, we learned that there was a new litter of puppies available that have the same father as Piper.  We made a quick decision to snap up the last one because, while it was soon after Piper’s death, we ultimately knew we wanted another dog.

DSC_4443 resize

So, here she is!  Daisy!DSC_4453 resize

I’m excited for Elias to have a puppy to grow up with :)

One Crazy Week

This has been one crazy week for Nathan.  Our chief pilot is in town doing a whole bunch of training with the Nabire pilots before he goes on furlough next month.  For Nathan, this meant new airstrips!

Let me back up for a brief second.  The 206, MAF Papua’s smallest airplane, will soon be moving on to other countries of service.  It has served faithfully here for many, many years. It has flown more passengers than I can count, more tons of food, more medical supplies, more Bibles…it has been the work horse of the MAF Papua program.  But it is a new age. The age of the Kodiak.  The Kodiak will be able to go into most of the airstrips that the 206 previously serviced.  And it can carry more weight and passengers.  It also uses jet fuel rather than av gas, saving MAF money.

So, now, MAF is down to only 2 206s in Papua, one being in Nabire.  With only a few short months left of service, it has become necessary to get a Kodiak pilot checked out at the 206-serviced air strips.  And that pilot for Nabire is Nathan (because he’s amazingly awesome…in my totally unbiased opinion).

This week, Nathan was checked out at 6 new air strips!  For many of these places it was the first time a Kodiak had ever landed there.

Previously, Nathan’s shortest strip was about 430 meters.  Some of these new strips come in under 400 meters.  Remember the 400 meter dash in track?  Yeah, stretch that track out straight, add a few hills and then try to stop a 7,000 lb aircraft before running off of or into a cliff!  Whew!  It makes me sweat just to think about it.

DSCN8502 resize

DSCN8472 resize

While the flying (and landing!) is challenging, that’s not what gets Nathan out of bed every morning.

You know what does?


DSCN8490 resize DSCN8498 resize DSCN8499 resize DSC_1015 resize

These precious people: nationals, tribal people, missionaries, families, friends.  These are the people we serve.  Because these people need Jesus.  Just like you, just like me.

(All photos, except the last one, courtesy of Pieter Van Dijk)