Going Dutch

Did you know that this past Saturday was King’s Day?  In Holland, there is a large celebration on the King’s birthday.  Since some of our coworkers are Dutch, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to party!  And what makes for a better party than some Dutch and American expats celebrating a Dutch holiday in Papua, Indonesia?

I’m not exactly sure how this is celebrated in Holland, but in Nabire King’s Day is celebrated by playing silly games, singing some Dutch songs and eating yummy Dutch treats (and some not so yummy Dutch treats…sorry guys, the licorice is just not my thing…)

DSC_4250 resizeElias celebrated by being super cute and eating a rock, because, well, obvious.

DSC_4282 resize

DSC_4264 resize

DSC_4315 resize

DSC_4303 resize

Happy King’s Day!

Favorite Photo Friday

Somehow I’ve gotten away from posting on favorite photo Friday. I wish I had some grand reason to tell you, but the truth is, I usually just plain forget. Life cruises on by here and suddenly it’s Saturday again! Phew!

But, today is Friday and I’m remembering to post! Yipee for my brain! (my often sleep-deprived brain needs a cheering section)

So, while I won’t promise to post photos every Friday because I’m very likely to forget again, I will post a photo today :)
DSC_4103 resize Sweet little Elias loves to help Mommy in the kitchen. And by help I mean, stand on the stool and bang spatulas on the counter.
There are days that I long for a Costco pizza, but overall I really love cooking here. It forces me to really think about what we’re consuming all the time. The good, the healthy, the chocolate!

Resurrection Day

This past Saturday, we loaded up with 24 other people, including our MAF teammates and some other missionary friends, and headed out to the beach! Papua boasts some incredibly beautiful, empty beaches. We had the entire beach to ourselves…actually, we had the entire island to ourselves!

I’m a Midwestern girl. I never even saw the ocean until I was maybe 12? and even then, it wasn’t a tropical beach…it was cold California water. So, I never could have imagined celebrating Easter on a secluded island in the middle of the tropics. But somehow, this is my life now. Annnd, it’s awesome.
DSC_0721 crop resize

DSC_0857 resize

DSC_0870 resizeWant to come visit? :)

You know what the best part about all of this is? It’s not the ocean or the sun or the cutest baby on the planet. It’s the One who created it all. It’s the One who loved us so much that He was willing to die to save us. It’s the One who bore our sins so that we don’t have to. It’s the One who didn’t stay dead. It’s the One who rose from the grave and conquered death. It’s Him. It’s all Him.
Happy Resurrection Day!

10 weeks

Last week, Elias and I made a quick little trip to Sentani so that Elias could get his 12 month immunizations.

I was feeling super antsy to get out of Nabire for a bit because we had been here for 10 weeks. In a row. Somehow, this is not normally my life…we don’t stay put. I looked over my calendar from the last year and realized that the last time we stayed in one place for 10 consecutive weeks was before Elias was born! Which means, up unil we arrived in Nabire, Elias had never in his life slept in the same place for more than 10 consecutive weeks (I think the most was 6…)

What a crazy life we lead. But, it’s rarely boring!
IMG_1351 resize
(Elias conquers the Sentani playground.)

Tropical Heat

The tropics are hot. Yep, it’s true.

But the heat does have some advantages…

While my parents freeze in Illinois with yet another snowstorm, we are eating popsicles, going to the beach and sweating…like, a lot.

So, what’s better than a tub of water and some food coloring when it’s blazing hot (and humid!) outside? Not much, Elias would tell you. Not much.

DSC_3900 resize

DSC_3913 resize

DSC_3916 resize

DSC_3920 resize

Is he not the cutest little boy you’ve ever seen? I mean, I’m not biased or anything…

Celebration in Derepos

Well, even after all the crazy events of last week, life marches on here. A funeral was held for Bob on Friday. Over 1,000 people were in attendance. Though we were not able to attend, we are told it was a fitting memorial for his life and service.

Last week was also elections here in Indonesia. Elections are always a busy time with protests and parades and election banners.

Nathan flew into the village of Derepos earlier this week. One of his passengers was the newly elected kebupaten (regent) of that area. The people of Derepos were excited to see him and pulled out all the stops on his arrival. With everything going on (unloading of passengers and cargo) Nathan just managed to catch the tail end of the celebration on his phone.

Nathan said they sang and danced around the plane several times after their arrival. I guess they are happy with their newly elected leader!


On Wednesday, there was a fatal crash in Papua. Bob Roberts, of Adventist Aviation, along with one passenger passed away after an accident on take-off in Sentani (a town a few hours from here). Bob had been involved in mission aviation for over thirty years, flying in both Africa and Indonesia.

It is always a sober reminder of the dangers of flying here when we lose one of “our own,” but we can still rejoice in the fact that Bob is now home with his Saviour. He has left a huge legacy of service behind him here in Papua and I know he will be greatly missed.

Please pray with us for his family at this difficult time.