We’re still trying to figure out this whole upload issue over here. I was able to upload three photos yesterday, but none today. Luck (?) for you, one of the pictures I uploaded is of my living room a few days after we arrived in Nabire. Ok, maybe not so lucky, but it’s a picture and it’s uploaded, so I’m showing you. Thankfully, my living room is a bit cleaner now…and there’s some stuff on the walls. We’re still working on getting everything done in the house, but we’re getting there. Homes always are a work in progress aren’t they?

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Ordinary “I’m a mom” post

I feel as though I should be writing about some grand adventure. But really, my life is pretty ordinary. I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I care for our home. Some of those responsibilities look a little different because of where we live, but a lot of it is ordinary.

So, today’s post is an ordinary “I’m a mom” post. (after years of trying to be a mom, it’s super duper fun to type “I’m a mom”…let me add some of these: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Every parent says, “why do I buy toys, when my kids just want to play with _____.” Every parent says this because it’s oh so true. We live way over here in the middle of nowhere’sville, so we can’t just run out to Target to buy the latest and greatest toy for Elias. But, he’s a normal kid, so he plays whatever he can get his hands on.

Some of his favorites:
measuring spoons/cups
plastic bowls
Piper’s (our dog’s) tail/feet/ears
clothes pins

And “real” toys that he loves:
did I mention blocks?
and balls?
cars (although he usually just “drives” his blocks)

Our IT guy is coming to Nabire this week, so hopefully we’ll be able to resolve the uploading problem and I’ll be able to share some pictures with you!


Yesterday started outlike any other day. Elias and I woke up (Nathan was gone over night), we ate breakfast, I exercised. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we made little Valentines for the other kids on based that said ‘you’re the apple of my eye’ and then we passed out homemade applesauce at break time.

After break, we ran some errands because I was completely out of formula for Elias. We also walked over to the Oceanside fruit stands. They had manggis, my most favorite of the fruit here. It was a good day.

And then we got home. My front door was locked because my house helper had already left for the day and locked up when she left. But I noticed that the back door was wide open. Weird since our house is air conditioned, we always have the doors closed. And then I noticed that out laptop was not where I had left it. I stared at the desk in disbelief for a few seconds and then I searched the other rooms in case I had moved it and somehow forgot (I am prone to forgetfulness). But the computer was nowhere to be found. Stolen. From my house. In the middle of the day. 

After a small incident a few weeks ago of a stranger walking into our house, we had been extra vigilant to lock the door, even when just stepping out to hang up laundry. But, apparently, they were watching and waiting for an opportunity. There was only about a 20 minute window of time where no one was at home. I guess my helper had forgotten to lock the back door, but it could have just as easily been me.

I’m not really upset about the stuff (upon closer examination a few other things were missing too). I’m mostly upset that someone was in my home. Someone had been watching my home. They knew we weren’t home, even if for a short time.

I am, however, grateful that there was no intention of violence. The stuff that was taken, is just stuff. It can be replaced.

So, my challenge for this valentines day? How do I love this person that stole from me and invaded my home? It’s what Christ would do. It’s what he wants from me.

Things I Forgot

A year and a half in America leaves only idealized memories of Papua. Of course, we still love it here, but I forgot about some of the hard stuff during our time in the States, like…

1. Ant bites. Yes, these happen in the U.S. too, but my baby never got them there. Now, he’s covered.
2. Intestinal worms. Ew.
3. Rotten eggs. Nothing spoils breakfast like a rotten egg…twice…in one week.
4. Noise. Motorcycles, the Call to Prayer, loud music, airplanes, jungle birds, bugs, etc…it’s just noisy here.
5. Shopping. There’s no shopping for leisure here. And three stores to find milk with no success is frustrating.

Just to balance this post out, here are things that I remember full well, and totally love…

1. My happy hubby after a day of flying. He loves his job.
2. Yummy homemade bread.
3. My house…I love my house.
4. Salty ocean breezes. It’s super beautiful here.
5. Nabire sunsets. We have the best ones on the island :)

3 Weeks In-Victories!

Well, we’ve been in country just over three weeks now, and in Nabire for just over two. Life’s starting to feel kinda normalish! Our house isn’t the disaster it was when we first arrived and we’re all sleeping like normal human beings now (no more waking up at 3:00 am ready to tackle the day)

I find that in major transition, I have to count every victory as it happens. So, here’s some victories in our first three weeks:

-We survived 30+ hours of travel time with a 10 month old! And, it wasn’t even that bad!
-Our luggage survived 30+ hours of travel, plus 4 plane changes. It ALL made it to Papua!
-We successfully got ourselves and a 10 month over jet lag with minimal crying (his, not ours)
-We have almost conquered all of our moth-ball-smelling laundry
-I have successfully driven in country again, on the left side, in a manual car, without stalling!
-I made bagels in our first week in Nabire (this may not seem like a big deal, but if you had seen the state of our house when we arrived, you’d fully understand what an accomplishment this was!)
-Elias started using cloth diapers again. (again, state of our house…and laundry pile…accomplishment!)
-We have been able to hold conversations in Indonesian, a real concern after a year and a half of not using the language.
-I found crasins in town. Excitement!
-I cleaned a boatload of spiderwebs out of the attic so that our kitchen and dining rooms lights could be installed [shudder]
-I typed this entire post without being able to see what I’m typing because WordPress is being a weirdo. What up WordPress? Please be normal again!

Sometimes it’s the little victories that count :)

Still Alive

Hey Y’all.

We’re still alive and kicking over here. We’ve been working like crazy to get our house up and running. I think I forgot how much work is involved in running a home here. Dishes seem constant. Meals have to be cook from scratch (with limited ingredients) and then there’s the laundry. Oh, the laundry. It never goes away. So, don’t mind me while I get used to this new routine and pace of life.

At this point, I am unable to upload photos onto the blog. I’m working with our network administrator to figure out why. Hopefully we can get that up and running soon too!

Cheers. Happy Super Bowling (am I the only one who doesn’t care one little iota about the Super Bowl?)