Our Week

Our week as been happy and sad and crazy and joyful and full of snot (how does so much snot fit in one tiny little nose?)

Christmas.  Christmas was wonderful.  We were able to watch our nieces and nephew open presents live and in-person for the first time in 5 years.  And Elias.  Man is he awesome.  He totally doesn’t get Christmas yet, but he liked ripping wrapping paper and crawling after his cousins.  Family was a great invention.

Grandma.  Nathan’s grandma passed away on December 27th after a year long fight with cancer.  We are so grateful that she was able to meet Elias.  She will be missed, but I’m sure she’s having quite a rockin’ party in Heaven!

Snot.  Illness has hit our household.  Terri (my mother-in-law), Elias and I have all been sick for several days.  Fevers, coughes and snotty noses mean lots of mommy-Elias cuddle time, plus a lot of daddy-Elias play time (while mommy rests).

Audrey.  Our sweet little niece Audrey was born on December 28 to Nathan’ brother, Ben and his wife, Amanda.  We cannot wait to squeeze that precious little girl (we’ve stayed away so far because of the aforementioned illness).

Visas.  Our visas are in!  Can I get a hallelujah?  The next order of business then is to 1)get healthy again; 2) squeeze Audrey!; 3) attend Grandma’s memorial service; 4) attend a family wedding; 5) pack, pack, pack, pack, pack; 6) lug ourselves + 16 pieces of luggage (not including carry-ons…we’re not known for our light packing) to the airport; 7) survive 40+ hours on an airplane with a 10 month old; 8) live happily-ever-after in a tropical paradise

Phew, that was just this last week.  Life’s not slowing down anytime soon (but we’re not know for that either).

Because I’m in a sentimental kind of mood, look how tiny my baby boy was…what happened?  He’s like a giant now, or at least he feels like one when I tote him around on my hip all day.

DSC_8340 resize

Favorite Photo Friday

We returned to sunny Phoenix from snowy Chicago this past Monday.  I’ll admit, the warmer weather is nice, but 60 degree weather in December still doesn’t feel Christmasy to me!

While in Illinois, Elias had a spectacular time chasing my mom’s cats around the house.  He would crawl after them, smiling and giggling, but they were always elusive and could easily escape him.  Until…


…he trapped Ginny on a step stool!  He was oh-so-proud of himself!

And added bonus cuteness: his feet coming out of the feet of his footie pajamas…adorbs.

Throwback Thursday

Four years ago, we visited Papua for the very first time (see more here, here, here and here).  We were attending language school in Java (a different Indonesian island) and had a break for Christmas, so we hopped on a plane and headed for Papua, our soon to be home.

It’s a little shocking how different Papua is from Java.  I mean, it’s the same country and all, but Java has Starbucks and McDonalds and Papua has…well, no Starbucks and no McDonalds.

But Papua does have beautiful beaches and gorgeous stretches of uninhabited jungle.  It has snow capped mountains (in the tropics people…it’s amazing!) and winding rivers.  It has amazing people, who have survived out there in the jungle for hundreds, probably thousands, of years.  I am in awe of the resiliency of these people.

God has a plan for this island and we are only a tinsy, tiny, minuscule, little part of it.  We absolutely love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

DSC_8307 resize

DSC_5558 resize

DSC_5553 resize

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Favorite Photo Friday

Elias got to play in the snow this week, as you probably gleaned from Wednesday’s post… So this week’s favorite photo was another from playing in the snow.

It’s not actually a great photo in-itself, but I love that Elias is trying to lick the snow on his snowsuit.

DSC_2454 edit

What kid doesn’t love to eat snow??

9 Months

My little Elias turns 9 months old today.  Astonishing isn’t it?  How did it go by so fast?

In his 9 months of life he has visited 9 States (ID, UT, OR, WA, NV, AZ, IN, IL MI), flown on an airplane 5 times, been to two countries (U.S. and Mexico), lived in two States (ID and AZ).  I did not fly on a plane or leave the U.S. until I was 14.  He is going to be one well-travelled little man!  I am so grateful that he takes in all in stride…for the most part. :)

DSC_2456 edit

Happy 9 month birthday my sweet little love!

Favorite Photo….Monday

Oops.  I dropped the ball and totally forgot to post my weekly favorite photo.  But better late than never, benar [right]?


Elias has become a rocking good eater of solid foods!  That’s my boy.  Here he’s eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Plus a few Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunches and one stray Fruit Loop).  It’s a messy business, but what’s a little mess when you’re 9 months old?

In other news, we are headed to the Chicago area this week to hang out with my family for a week.  It’s supposed to be in the 20’s all week.  We’re gonna freeze!  Last month we were at the beach…next month we’ll hopefully be at the beach again.  So why not make a neat little cold weather/beach sandwich?

It’s looking like we’ll be heading back to Indonesia in the middle of January.  Because of ticket prices, MAF doesn’t want to send us to close to Christmas.  On the plus side, we should be in Arizona for the birth of our new niece!  Yay!


I’m declaring today Throwback Thursday.  I know, so original, right?  But I’ve been remembering back to our days in Indonesia…wishing we were there now.  So, journey back with me, will you?

Two years ago today, I was flying along with my hot pilot hubbykins into Doufu.

DSC_2971 resize

I know this was only two years ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago.  A lot has happened since then!

Here’s a shot from that day that you never saw:

DSC_3031 resize

I wonder what life will look like two years from now!

Seen in Nabire

It had been decided.  We will be in the U.S. for Christmas.  To be honest, we have mixed feelings about it.  We are SO excited to have another Christmas with our family but we are itching to get back to our life and ministry in Nabire.

On another note, some friends of ours are currently staying in our Nabire home while they are in town for some meetings.  They sent us this picture from one of the local grocery stores:


What is this madness??  Starbucks Frappucinos in Nabire?  It’s like we’re going home to a whole different city!

Also, there is now a movie theater, a camera store and an authorized Apple dealer on island (not in Nabire…but still, on our island!!)  I can hardly believe it.

So excited to get back, but trying to enjoy the U.S. while we can.