Favorite Photo Friday

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How did my tiny baby get to be 32 weeks old (that’s 7 months y’all)??  I know, I said my favorite photo wouldn’t be of Elias every week…but I only took pictures of Elias this week.  Plus, he’s totes adorbs.

We are still plugging away at our weekly photos that we have been doing since Elias came home.  I’m so excited to hit one year and get the photo book printed out!  I wrote about this project here.

Grabbing this photo of Elias is not as easy as it once was now that he is on the move!  I took 71 photos to get one that was decent (thank goodness for digital!).  Here’s a few outtakes for your viewing pleasure:


I was trying really hard to get a picture of him in his “crawling position” but I couldn’t get him to a) look up at me and b) stay still long enough for a picture.


This is about as close as I got.  Pardon my unmanicured feet.

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So, we switched positions and let him lay on his back…but rolling is way to much fun!


He rolled right off our background.

Anyway, 71 photos later and a little help from daddy and from Photoshop, we ended up here:

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A little more Photoshopping and I end up with this page to go in our photo book:

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Favorite Photo Friday

I love taking pictures…and there’s no way that I could ever share all of them on the blog, but I thought it would be fun to post my favorite photo of the week every Friday!  I shall try my best to get them up faithfully every Friday (barring internet problems, travel, etc).

So, for the very first ever “Favorite Photo Friday” I give you….


My sweet baby boy.  I will try to not to have my favorite photo be of Elias every week…but he is one cute boy and I am one proud mama!

This is a halloween costume that his grandma found for him so we had to try it on and take cute pictures.

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Fall.  Sigh.  How I love Fall!

We are soaking up all of the Fall-y goodness that we can before we return to the land of eternal summer.  Today we visited a pumpkin farm (forget for a second that it was 85 degrees outside.  Hello??  October??  Where is your crisp fall air?)

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Elias totally loved the corn bin!


Posing like a pro!

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Seriously, how is he so cute??

Next on the Fall bucket list: Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer