Zoo Boise

Our awesome-possum friends, the Becks, came to visit us this last week in Boise!  We had such a good time hanging out with Ryan, April and their sweet kiddos.  On Thursday, we went to visit the zoo.  Elias was totally into it.  See:


Well, maybe “totally into it” was a bit of an exaggeration.  He was content enough to stare off into the distance near a goat and some butterflies.  And then he promptly fell asleep (“promptly” is also an exaggeration…more like, he was fussy and I bounced him in my arms until he fell asleep).

We love the Becks.  Much more than Elias loved the zoo.  Thanks for making the drive down guys!

Elias Gets Creative

Leading up to Nathan’s first Father’s Day as a father, Elias and I had the following conversation:

Me: Should we get a present for daddy?

Elias: oooooo, ohhhohhohh, oooooo

Me: Great idea!  Should we also make him a little card?

Elias: [gurgle, squeak, squeal] ooooo

Me:  You love your daddy so much, huh?

Elias: OOOOOO!!!!!!

With Elias totally on board, this is what we came up with…

Stamping baby feet is not as easy as advertised, but we did our best to make his little footprints look like a heart.

And, of course, we had to get matching Superman T’s.  Aren’t they so cute?  I love my boys!


During Naptime…

On today’s episode of “During Naptime” I have created a simple little canvas to be hung in Elias’s future bedroom in Indonesia.

I am so excited to get to Indonesia so that I can decorate Elias’s room!  We didn’t really decorate his nursery here because it’s so temporary.  He hasn’t even slept in his crib yet (the crib was given to us) so there really wasn’t a point in buying a whole crib bedding set for a crib that a) he doesn’t sleep in and b) will not come to Indonesia with us (he’ll sleep in a pack n’ play there).  Also, we didn’t want to paint walls in our apartment just to have to paint them back to neutral 6 months later when we move out.  So, his nursery is pretty plain right now, not that he cares.

But oh do I have plans for his room in Indonesia!  Hopefully it all comes together.  Resources are limited there, so we have to get creative.  For now, I’m working on things that I can do here; things that can fit in a suitcase.

Anyway, the canvas.  I bought the blank 12×12 canvas at Ross for $1.50 and the letter “E” at Hobby Lobby for $2.49.  I already owned the paint and the paint brushes.  So all total, this project cost $3.99.  Not to bad for a piece of wall art!  Right now the “E” isn’t actually attached to the canvas.  Any brilliant ideas on what to attach it with?