Weekly Photos

In an effort to copy the nice people at Young House Love document our son’s first year of life, I have been doing little photo shoots of Elias every week.  Unlike the people at Young House Love, I didn’t want to buy 52 different fabrics as backgrounds, so instead I bought 12 and use a plain white background the rest of the time.  I’m excited to have visual representation of how much Elias will grow this year.  It’s already amazing to see how big he’s gotten!

Man, how did I get such a cute kid?  I just can’t get over how much I love him!!

Years Gone By

Every once and awhile, I like to look back through the blog to see what life was like for us in past years.  So, let’s look back shall we?  What was life like for Nathan and Becky in 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009?

May 2012: Nathan was going to the dentist in Indonesia.

Why yes, that is a lawn chair.  Sigh, good times.

May 2011: I was making corndogs from scratch.  Only happened that one time, but it was a fun experiment.  We also brought home our puppies!

May 2010:  We went on our first vacation to Bali!  What I never did tell you on the blog is that I was terribly sick on that trip, so I spent more time throwing up than hanging out on the beach.


May 2009: I had just switched out blog over to WordPress, so there’s not a whole lot from that long ago.  But we were in the U.S. waiting on visas after Nathan’s surgery…hanging out with our oh-so-cute nieces.  Look how little they were!


This is one thing I love about blogging!  I love to see how far we’ve come!  Someday I want to put all of the blog in a book (not a published book, just a “for us” book.)

Taste of Home

We’ve nearly been in the U.S. for a year now.  Time flies!  By the time we actually return to Indonesia, we will have lived in our Nampa apartment longer than we lived in Nabire!  Crazy!  But we are SOOO excited to get back to our life there and Nathan cannot wait to fly again.

In the meantime, we try to have little tastes of “home” whenever we can.

One of our favorite easy meals in Indonesia is Nasi Goreng Ayam– Chicken Fried Rice.  You can buy nasi goreng seasoning packets there, just add chicken and rice!  So simple.  We brought several of these packets home with us, and so every once and while we break one out for a yummy taste of home.

You can buy these packets on Amazon, if you’re willing to pay $6.00 in shipping for $1.00 spice packets…yikes!  The packaging is slightly different since the Amazon ones are “export quality,” but it’s the same thing.

These are no ordinary powdery spice packets though!  They have oil and chili paste mixed right in there for extra yummy goodness so it comes out more like a goo.  (Does it go without saying that I first cooked the rice and chicken before adding the seasoning?  because that’s what I did.)

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I promise, it’s delicious and it tastes like home.

Looking Ahead

Our sweet baby boy is 10 weeks old.  How the heck did that happen?  He’s SO big!

We’ve been asked a lot recently about our future plans, so here they are:

-We just had our first post-placement meeting with our social worker this past Thursday.  Everything went well.

-We will be traveling to Illinois at the end of June.  Elias is in serious need of a Cubbies t-shirt!

-In mid-July we will meet with our social worker again and then hopefully be released to go to court to finalize the adoption.

-Scheduling of the court date depends on how busy the court is.  We’ve heard that Canyon Country (the county we currently live in) is very adoption friendly and tries really hard to get those things on the docket!  Yay!  Hopefully we can go to court in August or September.

-Once the adoption is final, we will receive a birth certificate with Elias’s name on it (his current birth certificate has the name given by his birth mom), as well as our names listed as his parents.  At this point we can apply for a passport for him…and then an Indonesian visa.

-Once we have visas in all of our passports, we can return to Indonesia!  Yipee!  We’re hoping that this can happen by the Fall, but it all depends on how quickly we can get visas.  Governments don’t always operate on our schedule :(

SO…that’s it.  HOPEFULLY we’ll be back in Indonesia by the Fall and HOPEFULLY Elias loves to fly because it’s loooooong trip!



Things I Can Do One-Handed

…now that I’m a mom.  BTW, saying “I’m a mom” never gets old.  I’m a mom.  I’m a mom. I’m a mom.

I’m sure all you other mamas out there can relate!

1. Blog

2. Make a bottle.

3. Eat

4. Text.

5. Put on Make-up

6. Type an email

7. Do my hair.

8. Cook a meal.

9.  Open a jar.

10. Drive (while my other hand is reaching in the back seat to comfort a crying baby).

I’m a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!