We are visiting Phoenix right now, enjoying the heat for awhile.  (Elias may as well get used to it now!)

Last weekend, we had the rare opportunity of getting all ELEVEN of Nathan’s Grandma’s great-grandchildren together.  Eleven, ages 6 and under.  Now, getting all of them in a picture together, smiling and looking at the camera at the same time is just IMPOSSIBLE.  But we did our best…

Setting up…

Elias is crying…Grandma is trying to soothe him and therefore not looking…Plus only about 4 of the kids are looking.

No flash…sigh.

ESCAPE! (and another one is missing completely)

Annnndddd…that’s as good as it gets.

Any of you geniuses out there have hints on how to get this many kids to sit still and smile for a picture??  Because I haven’t a clue.

6 Fun Facts about Elias

1.  Elias, the name we chose, is the Greek form of Elijah.  It means “Jehovah is God.”

2. Tate, the name chosen by his birth mom, means “cheerful” or “he who talks a lot.”  Let’s go with “cheerful.”  :)

3. Elias was born 9 months after we returned to the U.S. from Indonesia.  He was growing away while we completed our home study and we didn’t even know it, but God did!

4.  Elias was born exactly 6 years to the month from when we first started trying to have a child.

5.  Elias’s first road trip was the 4-hour drive home from the hospital–he was just two days old.  This kid is a traveller from the start!

6.  One of the reason’s that Elias’s birth mom chose us is because she was excited about the adventure he will be able to have in Indonesia–the very thing we thought would turn birth mom’s off.  God is awesome isn’t He??

#lovingourson #hesthebestever #jumpingonthehashtagbandwagon

The Moment We Met

I’ve heard so many stories about the moment a mom lays eyes on her child for the first time.  The absolute joy and love.  I really didn’t know if I would have that experience because I didn’t carry my baby for 9 months.  I didn’t even know about him until 8 weeks before his birth.  In fact, he was born and I didn’t know about it until about 12 hours later.  And even then, we first had to do an hour’s worth of paperwork and then drive 4 hours to the city where he was born before we could meet him.

We arrived at the hospital 16.5 hours after his birth and sat in the lobby to wait for our case worker.  We sat and waited.  It was really only about 10 minutes, but it seemed longer.  Somewhere in that building was our son, our son who we hadn’t met.  Our son who we knew very little about.  Our son, who had no idea that the woman he had known for the last nine months would not be his mommy.

Our case worker finally arrived and we went up to the maternity ward to meet with the hospital social worker.  She brought us into the nursery to introduce us to the nurse that had been caring for Elias since his birth mom’s release from the hospital.  The nurse told us a bit about him: his weight and height.  His eating habits.  She described him as “spunky and oh by the way, that’s him.”  Turns out he had been sitting in that room that whole time.  We were well aware that there was a baby there, but we didn’t know he was OUR baby.  Suddenly, the nurse’s words faded to the back of my consciousness…I walked over to the bassinet to see my child for the first time.  There he was, tiny and perfect.  The nurse told us we couldn’t pick him up in the nursery because technically we weren’t allowed in there.  So we just stared at him with disbelief.  Were they really going to just give us this baby?  Could my 6 years of waiting for a child really be over?

The nurse wheeled the bassinet down the hall to our room, slowly.  So very slowly.  We awkwardly followed behind.  Trying to speed her up.  Finally we got to our room and we were able to pick him up.  That’s when the joy came.  I stared at his tiny perfect face with tears in my eyes.  Our long wait for this little baby was over.  He’s ours.  Totally ours.

And we never have to give him up.



We have a 4-week old!  For reals.

Let’s back this gravy train up shall we?

On January 3 we turned in our profile book…the book that the birth mom’s look at to choose their adoptive family.  We fully expected to be waiting around for 6-8 months so you can imagine our surprise when we got a phone call on January 15 that we had been chosen by a birth mom, the very first birth mom (and also the very last as it turns out) to ever see our profile book.  12 days on the waiting list.  We broke agency records.  I think maybe God had something to do with it :)

Eight weeks later, on March 11 Elias Tate Fagerlie was born.  He was 8 lbs, 2 oz and 21.25 inches long.  We received a phone call on the 12th informing us of his birth and we headed out to the hospital to pick up our son!  He came home on the 13th.

Now he is four weeks old and growing like a champion.  He’s the best baby ever!  Like, really.  We’re totally unbiased.  For legal reasons, we were not allowed to share this publicly until now.  This is also the major reason that I haven’t really blogged for the last three months…how do I write about anything else except our new little guy??

There are many many more blogs to come, but for now I’ll leave you with some pictures.