Looong Absence

Has it really been since January 28 that I last posted.  Sigh…so sorry.  Truthfully I find blogging in America much more difficult than blogging in Papua.  Regular life here seem so, well, regular.  I am sure that you don’t want to hear all about my trips to Walmart….or maybe you do.  But Walmart has become regular.  It’s lost some of the excitement that it used to hold.  Don’t get my wrong, I am still ever so grateful for a store full of food…but the aisle of 10,000 choices of toilet paper no longer surprises me.  (By the way, I’ll still buying Charmin.  Those little bears really are cute aren’t they?)

Meanwhile, we are waiting and prepping for baby….and dreaming of life in Papua again.  Funny how that goes, huh?  In Papua, we dream of America…well mostly family and food in America.  And in America we dream of Papua, life in Papua…all of it.

Here’s to returning to Papua as a family of three…someday…in the future…can’t wait!!

(Artist’s Rendering: 3 Fagerlies in Nabire.  All Rights Reserved)