The Christmas Village

When I was really little, my mom hand-painted a little Christmas village that sits under the Christmas tree.  I used to lay on the floor by the tree and imagine all that went on in that little village.  It’s a perfect little town with a candy shop, a curiosity shop, a church, a toy store, two houses, a bakery and a skating pond.  Over time, things have been added.  After I went to Wales it because a British town with a little red phone booth.  Maybe now that we’ve lived in Indonesia, it needs a pondok natal (a Christmas nativity that BLARES Christmas music all day long)!

Setting up the Christmas village used to be Mom’s job.  And Mom’s job only.  But now that I’m all grown up (and have been away in another country for 3 years), Mom let me set up the village. This is a true Christmas miracle!  I’ve peaked!  She didn’t even rearrange it after I went to bed!

Isn’t there something so heartwarming about childhood memories?  It fills me with all kinds of nostalgia.  And makes me yearn for the day to start fun traditions with my kids!  Will we have a baby by next Christmas??  Only time will tell…

Anyone else have a village under their tree? Or is this just a Tjernlund family thing?

Shingle Bells

Well….my first cold Christmas in five years is going to be accompanied by shingles.  :(

Today, Nathan and I went to Urgent Care in Branson, MO.  Thankfully the Doctor was able to give me a few prescriptions.  I hope that the drugs knock out the virus so that the shingles don’t get worse.  I have been told they can be very painful but right now it is manageable.

Shingle all the way….

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Aaaaannnnnnnddddd Christmas….

Finally a cold Christmas!  It has been 5 years since I’ve had a cold Christmas.  I’m a Midwestern girl at heart.  A Midwestern girl that has been either living in the desert or the tropics for the last 6 years which means warm Christmases.  Somehow bar-b-cue on Christmas just doesn’t sit right with me.  I need a fireplace and hot chocolate and snow.

Yipee for Christmas in the Midwest this year!

Now I’m just praying for snow…


Today is not a regular day.


Let’s all freak out because all three of those numbers are the same!  (ok, I’m ridiculous, sorry)

But today is not a regular day because today is the day that we turned in our very last piece of home study paperwork: the home study approval form.  What does this mean??  It’s officially, officially, official!  WE ARE ON THE WAITING LIST PEOPLE!!!

Let me say that one more time for emphasis…WE ARE ON THE WAITING LIST!!!!

Could I be a mom by Christmas?  Theoretically yes, but I doubt it.

So, what happens now?  We, well, WAIT.  The waiting list is kinda like the waiting room, minus Highlights Magazine.  You sit and wait for an undetermined amount of time, but you do know that at some point, your name will be called and the wait will be over!  Also, you sleep a lot  (maybe that’s not so waiting room like) because you know the day is coming when sleep, as you  know it ,will also be over.

I am so glad that we’ve made it to this point in our adoption process.  Pray for us as we venture into the waiting room.  We are trusting that God has the perfect baby out there for our family, so we just have to be patient and WAIT.

(That’s Nathan signing the form! We didn’t take a picture of me signing it, but I promise, I signed it too)