The One With the Stingray

Everything that I know about jellyfish I learned from Friends.  Have you seen that episode?  Monica is on the beach with Chandler and Joey and then she gets stung by a jellyfish.  They remember that peeing on it helps take the sting out…hilarity ensues.  Yup.  That’s about all I know about jellyfish: get stung, pee on it.  And NONE of this information was helpful when I got stung by a stingray last week.

I was walking in the ocean, carrying my niece Violet (mind you, we were in about mid-calf deep water) and I FORGOT TO SHUFFLE MY FEET!  Blah, so the little buggar stung the top of my foot when I stepped on him.  Sorry little guy…but did you really have to sting me??  Ouch.

I managed to hold on to my niece and shuffle my feet back to dry land.  It bled, got a little swollen and STUNG.  No amount of peeing on it was going to help.  At least I don’t think so…we didn’t try it.  But all and all, I was grateful it wasn’t any worse.  I wasn’t quite up for visiting the Mexican hospital on our first day of vacation!

The next day, my sister and brother-in-law were walking down to the beach when they came across a seagull eating a stingray!  VINDICATION!  Take that little stingray (I’m quite sure this was the exact same stingray that got me…because, well, I really want to believe that it’s the same one!)

Let this be a lesson to all you stingrays out there: if you sting me…you’ll get eaten by a crazy seagull!  STINGRAYS BEWARE!

P.S.-This is not the first time my foot has appeared on this blog.  My poor feet have taken a beating over the years!

Kami Ada di Mexico…

(we are in Mexico)

And I can’t stop speaking Indonesian…

Somehow our default “other language besides English” is Indonesian.  So, even though I took several years of Spanish and understand a lot of what is being said to me, I cannot get a reply out in any other language but Indonesian.  Does anyone else who speaks two languages (I hesitate to call myself bilingual) do this?  Or is it just me and my funky brain?

Last week I was cold and dreaming of the beach…today I watched my hubby and my nieces build a sand castle.  God is good and I am ever so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Selamat Hari Thanksgiving!

36 Degrees

It was 36 degrees outside today according to my car.  Last year, I was facing November barely knowing it was November because the tropical sun was shining, we were hanging out at the beach and I was sweating into my Thanksgiving dinner all the while dreaming of fireplaces, hot chocolate, cozy coffee shops, and newly fallen snow.

But somehow I had forgotten all of the bad stuff about winter: touching a cold steering wheel when getting into a car, clenching all of my muscles from the cold until I’m sore, the commercial holiday that Christmas has become (Christmas commercials already?  Really???), static cling (seriously, this is not a problem in the tropics…), and cold, howling winds.

The grass is always greener on the other side isn’t it?  Well, ok, it literally is greener in the tropics right now…but you know what I mean.  Last year I was dreaming of Fall leaves and pumpkin lattes and now this year I’m dreaming of ocean breezes and flip flops.

Instead of focusing on what I’m missing out on (Miss all you Indo folks!), I’m going to focus on what I have now:

Family close by to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas
Fireplaces (at my parent’s house…close enough)
Hot chocolate (and lots of it)
Walmart (let’s face it…we should all be a little more grateful of the beauty that is Walmart.  This is not any kind of commercial for Walmart…I’m just saying that all the food you could ever want in ONE location is pretty stinking awesome.)
Pumpkin spice lattes
The furnace that keeps my house ever so cozy
The opportunity to wear jeans, sweaters and boots.
The little baby that will someday be my child
Food Network (I like the Food Network…I missed the Food Network)
My awesome hubby-pie who gave up his dream job (even if it is temporary) so that we could adopt
place to call home
New friends
Reunions with old friends

We really are rich aren’t we??  So blessed.

The Waiting Game

Have you ever read the book “The Westing Game” as a kid?  Well, I did, and this is nothing like that book.

Before we started this whole process, we heard how stressful the home study process can be, so we went into it fully expected that: stress and lots of it.  But I’ve gotta say, we haven’t felt stressed about it at all!  And I give all the credit to God.  It would be really easy for us to ask ourselves “What does the Birth Mom want to hear?” when answering all of the questions that are asked of us.  However, before we even began this process, we decided that our desire is for God to be glorified.  So rather than asking “What does the Birth Mom want to hear?” we’re asking “What does God want us to say and what would bring Him glory?”  Can I tell you what a relief that is??  Being a people pleaser, it would be all too easy for me to do everything I could to be whatever it is I imagine a perfect adoptive family to be…and let’s face it, I’m just not that perfect.  I would wear myself out living up to my own expectations.  So instead,  I’m letting God shoulder that burden.  I’m letting Him shine through.  And He’s much better at being perfect than I am.  Yes, we do hope this this whole process ultimately multiplies our family, but even more, we hope that it says “God is good!  Look how awesome He is!”

Now, as we’re heading into the waiting game, the part that is completely out of our control, I know how much more important it will be to trust God and His perfect timing.  Pray for us!  That we WILL give God the reins and let Him be glorified.  Pray for the many women out there who are making difficult decisions about their child’s future.  Pray that God would go before us and knit our family together in his perfect timing.  Pray that we would have patience in the wait.