Panorama Rama

While in Phoenix, Daria and I had fun playing with the panorama feature on Nathan’s phone.  She thought it was so awesome that we could be in the same picture multiple times.

“There’s three Beckys and three Darias!”

Attempt number 1:  Only two Darias!  Somehow she disappeared in the third section, along with part of her arm in the 1st section.

Attempt number 2:  Not too bad…but only two Darias and two Beckys.

Attempt number three:  This is the best of the bunch.  Three Beckys, three Darias.  I was just a little blinded by the sun in the last section.

Love that little girl!


Today my hubby-pie turns 32.

I’ve said it before, but today, on the day of his birth, I’ll say it again: He’s awesome sauce and here’s a few reasons why:

He’s a pilot and he loves his job, plus he looks hot in his pilot uniform!
He gave up (temporarily) the job he loves so that we can grow our family through adoption.
He loves Jesus and loves other people because of Him.
He hugs me even when he doesn’t want to.
He hugs me when he does want to.
(I like to cuddle)
He handles all of our finances and does an awesome job planning for the future!
He does ALL of the driving when we go on road trips! (driving is not my favorite thing…)
He is fiercely loyal.
He doesn’t complain.
He tells me that I’m beautiful first thing in the morning.
He loves to play with kids, especially his nieces and nephew.
He’s a good shot.  He shot his elk through the heart at 200 yards.

Happy Birthday Nathan!  I Love You.

Red October

Let’s face facts ya’ll.  My hubby is awesome sauce.

He went hunting over the weekend with his dad and brother and shot an elk, who I have decided to name Red October.  My bleeding heart feels a little sad for Red October and her family BUT the shelf full of FREE meat helps ease my sorrow.

All you Idahoans (is that the proper term?  They did not clarify this to us when we became Idaho residents…they really should have)…we have way more meat than will fit in my freezer, so if you want some let me know!  We butchered it ourselves so the meat is all Indonesian style: slab-o-something cuts.

Nathan’s brother, Ben also shot an elk.  So we (myself included!) butchered two elk this weekend.  We will not be opening a butchering business any time soon, but we bonded as we hunched over the table while cutting connective tissue (too much info?? sorry!)

Who want elk tacos?

In the Mountains

Andrea, Suzanne and I have known each other since we were knee high to a grass hopper.  Don’t you just love those life-long friendships?  We hadn’t actually all been together for 4 years because we are scattered all over the world (Japan, Indonesia, Ohio…ok, maybe not all over the world, just Asia and the Midwest, but you know, FAR apart!)  In the last four years, both Suz and Andrea had babies…and I, well, didn’t.  But I did decide to ADOPT!

Last weekend, the three of us (+ 2 kiddos) met up in the mountains of beautiful Colorado!  It was such a fun weekend of relaxing and talking and drinking hot beverages (the CO mountains are COLD this time of year!).

Can you tell by our attire which of us has recently been in the tropics and which has not?  Us tropical girls were freezing!!!

P.S.-how awesome are those pretty Aspen trees in the background????
P.P.S.-life-long friends are the best!
P.P.P.S-love that blue sky!
P.P.P.P.S.-I have had that Columbia jacket since college, which, by the way, was 10 years ago.  WHAT??  How did I get so old???

Most Popular

By far the most popular post I’ve ever written was this one about finding bugs in my flour!  Apparently a lot of people have this same problem and end up here after doing a search for “bugs in flour.”

So, here’s a little shout out to those people:  HI!

And a little hint:  put a few bay leaves in your flour and the bugs will vacate the premises (you have to leave the lid open so they can actually vacate).  Leave the leaves in the flour to prevent any little buggies from returning!