Prepping for Baby

I use to never allow myself to walk down the baby aisle at Target.  It was too painful.  Too much of a reminder of what I didn’t have.

But now I love the baby aisle at Target!  I want to buy everything in it (but I don’t). The weird the about adoption is that there’s no definite time table.  I can’t wait to find out if we’ll be getting a boy or girl, but I have no idea when that will be.  And we have no idea when our baby will be coming home.

In the meantime though, we’re getting our house ready for baby.

We were generously given a crib.  We’re hoping to sand it down and repaint it next week.  Hopefully I’ll have some before and after pictures for you!  But here’s a little hint, my inspiration picture:



Besides admiring the grocery store, vacuuming my carpeted house and wandering the aisles of Target, I’ve been working on a little project!

Today I opened my very own Etsy shop: Chosen Papers!  We are hoping that the shop will help us with the costs of our adoption and the extra costs of living in America.

I chose the name Chosen Papers for two reasons.  I love the verse in 1 Peter that say we are “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”  I have been chosen by God, adopted into His family.  This child that Nathan and I hope to have will not be conceived by us, but chosen and adopted into our family.

So, if you’re into Digital Scrapbooking, or know somebody who is, please check it out!


New Logo

MAF unveiled their new logo at chapel yesterday!

So now, MAF has the HUGE job of changing over all of our merchandise, airplane paint, brochures, etc.  This logo will be used by MAF worldwide, not just MAF US.

There’s also a pretty cool video on the history of MAF that was released with the unveiling of the logo.  Check it out here!  It’s fun to see where we fit into the timeline…we are such a small part of what God is doing with MAF around the world!

More Paperwork, Please

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

With our first home study meeting last week, we are now neck deep in paperwork.  We feel very encouraged with the process so far.  The agency thinks we are good candidates for adoption parents!  So we are moving forward and we are hoping to have the home study completed by early November.

Pray for an important piece of paperwork that we need to acquire from Indonesia.  We’re not quite sure how to go about getting it, but we have a few contacts over there that can help us out!

Oshkosh Part 2

Of course, a trip to Oshkosh wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least one air show.  Fortunately, on our last day there, we had an afternoon to wander around and look at the 12,000 airplanes that show up for this event, along with 50,000 other people.

Nathan was super excited that Kirby Chambliss and Mike Goulian were there to fly in the air show.  We saw them both several years ago when they raced at the Red Bull air races in Momument Valley, Utah.  They are amazing!  I don’t know how they do what they do so close to the ground.  Yikes!

First up were the warbirds:




Then the Red Bull Parachute jumpers:


The the aerobatic pilots:


Pictures really don’t give you a sense of how fast these guys are going, or how close the ground they are.  Or how many G’s they pull, or how many times they spin.  Craziness.  When Nathan taught aerobatics at Embry-Riddle, they were always at least a mile above the ground so that they had plenty of time to recover and he was pulling 5 1/2 G’s at the most…these guys pull 10-11 G’s!

Oshkosh Part 1

Last week we spent three days hanging out at Oshkosh.  And while, yes, there are a ton of airplanes there, and yes, Nathan thought that was pretty awesome, we mostly had to work!  Everyday we spent 4 hours at the MAF tent talking to whomever wandered in.  Usually the time went by pretty quickly and people had some great questions for us!

During the other half of the day, we often had a interviews to do.  One was even on live radio!  Because we were the only MAFers there that are “fresh from the field,” they threw a lot of the interviews our way.  We were happy to share about what God is doing in Papua!

MAF sent a Caravan to Oshkosh this year.  This particular Caravan is going to Haiti!

Inside the tent.

Nathan showing us all how it’s done.  Landing on a short, sloped airstrip on the simulator.