Birthday Present

Yes, I am the kind of girl that thinks getting a cutting board for your birthday is totally rad.
Maybe it’s some kind-of sickness, but I really have a thing for them.  And this one is just so pretty!  Oh, and I turned 31…that’s why the fingers.  I have not joined some sort of 3-1 gang…or maybe I have…

Buy Me Some Peanuts…

Before leaving for Oshkosh (or EAA AirVenture, as the local Oshkoshians call it), we went to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.  I love Wrigley Field.  It’s like old-timey baseball.  Wrigley has been around since 1914 (I looked it up for ya’ll).  They even still have an organ that plays music during the game.  Plus they have ballpark nachos…which we all know is one of the biggest reasons to go to a baseball game!

I’m really not a huge baseball fan.  I don’t keep track of the Cubs or anything.  But I love the atmosphere of a ballgame!

Yup, we were there.

There was pitching.

And some batting.

Gary Sinise (AKA CSI:NY’s Mac Taylor) did the 7th inning stretch.  Do they do this at all ballparks or just Wrigley?  I have no idea.

Sidenote: The school teacher in Nabire (Hi Natalja!) once had a kitten named Mac Taylor.  But it met an unfortunate end, ahem, the wheel of a moving vehicle.  Kasihan Mac Taylor.

The Cubbies won!  If you keep track of this sort of thing, which I don’t, I can tell you without a doubt that the Cubs won on July 19.  I was there to see it.

And yes, we ate ballpark nachos.

b’ Gosh

This is going to be a very random post.  Consider yourself forewarned.

We have been in America for 5 weeks.

In those 5 weeks, we have put about 4,000 miles on our car.  That is craziness.  And guess what!?  We still like each other!  That, right there, is a victory, people.

Right now we are in Oshkosh, WI for the EAA AirVenture Airshow.  Up until about 22 days ago I thought it was spelled (and pronounced) OshGosh, not Oshkosh.  I also thought the kid’s clothing line was OshGosh B’Gosh, not Oshkosh B’Gosh.  I have been admonished and corrected.  If you happen to be in Oshkosh, come visit us at the MAF tent.  We’re going to be booth babes.  We have given ourselves this title…but it’s appropriate right?  I will be able to tell you all kinds of things about the Caravan that MAF has brought here.  Very important things like: it will be going to Haiti and um, it has wings.  There ya go, I’m an awesome booth babe.

After 4 days in Oshgosh Oshkosh, we will head back to Idaho where we will crash like it’s cool and sleep forever.  Ok, not really because Nathan has to start working in the hangar!  AND we will also have our first home study meeting!

Three cheers for adoption!

At some point we’ll figure out what “normal” life in America is like again.  Maybe.  And once we figure that out, we’ll get a baby and have to start figuring out life all over again.  And then we’ll return to Indonesia and start again.  At least our lives aren’t boring, right?

Ok, I need to go to bed.

But I’ll leave you with this picture: our last glimpse of Nabire before leaving for the U.S.  I miss that place!!

Ready, Set, Paperwork!

We’re on the road people!  The road to adoption!

This is me.  Filling out our first piece of adoption paperwork…the application!  Yahoo!

So, here’s where we’re at:

We have attended the first orientation class, turned in our application, attended another orientation webinar, scheduled our first home study meeting (August 1) and registered for an adoption class (having to do with the program we are applying for…which, by the way, is the infant adoption program).

I’m sure there is a lot more paperwork in our future.  But, dude, we are excited!

[For some reason, I have become a “dude” person in my writing lately…I don’t really use that word in real life.  Just though you should know.]


Yoda Goes on a Roadtrip: Day Two

Just over halfway to his destination (Morris, IL), Yoda ventures on!



Yoda, the navigator.

“To the forward command center take me.”

A gas station in Iowa.

“Already know you that which you need.”

Somewhere in Iowa…
“You must feel the Force around you.  Here, between you…me…the tree…the rock…everywhere.”

At the World’s Largest Truckstop.

“Revealed its secret location is.”

My parent’s house in Morris.

“Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!”

(Your home isn’t muddy or slimy mom–but the quote kinda fit anyway)


Yoda Goes on a Roadtrip: Day One

First stop:  Our adoption agency!  Dropping off our application.

“A Jedi must have the deepest commitment.  The most serious mind,” says Yoda.

Somewhere in Idaho…

“Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh.  A Jedi craves not these things.”


Yoda, my Scrabble buddy.

“If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are…a different game you should play.”

A wind farm in Idaho.

“Always in motion is the future.”

In Utah.

“Size matters not…looks at me.  Judge me by size, do you?”

Rain in Nebraska.

“The Dark Side clouds everything.  Impossible to see the future it is.”

Ready to stop for the night in Nebraska.

“Soon will I rest, yes forever sleep. Earned it I have.”

[Editor’s note: These are all real Yoda quotes.  Yup, I’m that kind of nerd.]

From our Window

This whole the-sun-doesn’t-set-until-10:30 pm thing is really throwing us off.  Last weekend, we were snug in our bed at 10 p.m., trying to ignore the fact that our bodies were saying, “it’s only 5:00!  Look how light it is!”  Once the sun did finally set, we heard fireworks going off as a part of the God and Country festival here in town.  We opened the blinds in our bedroom and had a perfect view of the fireworks!  What a treat to watch an entire fireworks show from the comfort of our own bed!

And then we promptly fell asleep.


Our New Digs

We moved into our apartment just about a week ago–the same day that it got it’s certificate of occupancy.  So far, we really love it!

Here’s what you see when you first walk in the door.  Sorry about the poor photo quality.  I took these on my phone and I haven’t quite figure out the art of cell phone photography.

Family room looking toward the kitchen.


Master bedroom with closet and bathroom!

So, here are some things we are really digging about our new digs:

-CARPET!  Carpet is awesome.
-All of the appliances are included!  Phew!  Less things for us to buy. Oh and “all appliances” includes a dishwasher (!!!), a microwave (!!!) and a dryer (!!!).  It includes all the other normal stuff too…but we didn’t have those thing in Indo…so they are super fun to have in America.
-There are two full bathrooms.  I mean, who doesn’t want more bathrooms?
-The walls are NOT contractor white.  I’m not a fan of white walls everywhere and we didn’t want to spend the money to paint.
-The outlet cover are white.  Ok, I know this is a small thing…but seriously, white outlet covers are so much better than that beige color that many apartments have.
-Covered parking.  We’re going to love that in the winter!

Not too shabby for picking an apartment on the internet huh?

We are SO grateful to those who have lent us or given us furniture to make our house feel a bit more like home.  Just think…this little apartment will be our child’s first home!!!  So exciting.