Internet Cafe

If I squeeze my eyes tight and hold my breath and forget that I’m sweating, I could almost imagine that I’m sitting in Starbucks using their free wi-fi.  Almost.

Instead, I’m sitting in the Nabire Internet Cafe, enjoying the warm breezes and ignoring the cigarette smoke.  But, ahhhh, internet.  I didn’t really realize how much internet keeps us connected to the world at home until we didn’t have it.  I am so grateful for this little cafe.  It’s my connection to you.


If you receive our newsletters, you’ve already heard our BIG NEWS!

And if you don’t, here it is:

Or, at least, that’s the hope.

God has been slowly growing out desire to adopt for the last several months.  And so, when we were in Nampa last month, we discussed the possibility of us taking a temporary home assignment so that we can complete a U.S. domestic adoption.

We have looked in the other possibilities: Indonesia adoption and international adoption, but we feel like God has clearly opened the doors for us to adopt in the U.S.

SO, in June, we will return to America and set up our residence in Nampa, Idaho where Nathan will continue to work for MAF at headquarters while we complete an adoption!!  We think that this process will take about 1.5 – 2 years, after which we will return to Indonesia.

We are really excited to get this process started.  Please pray for us over the next several months as we get all of the details figured out.

In The Dog House

The other day I went out in the yard to play with the puppies.  Tyberious came running right away, but Piper was nowhere to be seen.

Finally, when I whistled for her, she came running out from behind what is left our our giant tree.  The giant tree that fell over on Christmas Eve.

This is how the tree appears now.

After Piper came running out from behind the stump, I walked around to the backside of it to see what she found so interesting back there.

And there I discovered Piper’s little Puppy Fort!

At the entrance, headed inside.

Doesn’t Piper look like a little old lady?  Poor thing gets wrinkles all over her face.

Half way in!

And chillin’ in the fort.  She loves her little place away.  Her shady haven.  Her respite from the heat.

The Portland Airport

On our way to Nampa for the Instructor Pilot Seminar, our first taste of America was the Portland, Oregon Airport, one of our layovers.  Ahhh, America.  Where nobody stare at us (we get stared at a lot here) and we can buy Combos.  Not that we did…but we could have if we had wanted to!  I’m not sure why I remember the Combos…but in my jet lag haze, I distinctly remember saying, “Oh look honey!  Combos!”

Anyway, we were hungry, and not for Combos.  At that point we had been eating nothing but airplane food for about 40 hours straight and so we were ready for some good ol’ America food!  The problem was that it was 8am in Portland, Oregon and with our bodies completely out of whack, we were craving everything but breakfast food.  We wandered around the airport finding bagels and muffin and egg sandwiches, and then suddenly we stumbled across a hot dog place!  Yay!  What’s more American than eating a hot dog at 8am??

I don’t want to be one of those people that takes pictures of her food and puts it on display for the world to see.  But apparently I am because I was so excited about these hot dogs that I had to commemorate the experience with a photo.

Anyway, so there we were, sitting in the Portland Airport, eating hot dogs at 8:04 in the morning when we hear over the loudspeaker, “Nathan and Becky Fagerlie, please report to baggage claim, your party is waiting for you at carousel 10.”


We don’t know anyone in Portland and nobody knows that we are in Portland anyway (expect maybe if you read the blog and saw the we did, in fact, have a layover there.  But I hadn’t said anything about the time we’d be there…so it would be an awfully big coincidence to just show up and hope that you picked the right time….but again, we don’t know anyone in Portland.)

We looked at each other, confused and examined the facts:

1. They said our names correctly over the loudspeaker, a feat which is nearly impossible unless you know us.
2. They said “Becky” not “Rebecca”, the name that is on all of my travel documents so we assumed we hadn’t been robbed and then paged by our attackers so that they could sneak up on us again at carousel 10.
3. We had four hours to waste, so why not go and check?

Having decided to go check it out, we finished up our hot dogs, gathered all of our carry-ons and headed out of the secured area.  Just before exiting, TSA asked us to stop exactly where we were standing and to stay there (they asked everyone standing around to do the same, we weren’t singled out).  So, we stood there.  And stood there.  And as far as we could tell, nothing was happening.  It was as if the entire airport was frozen in place.  Maybe this was part of some elaborate flash mob to welcome us to America?  We were confused; jet lagged brain, remember?  Finally TSA unfroze us and let us on through…not sure what that was all about.

We made our way down to carousel 10, which is, of course, the farthest carousel.  Nothing.  All of baggage claim was completely empty.  Like we-could-hear-crickets empty.  Someone must be playing a joke on us!  But who?????

We have some friends from Indonesia who are originally from Vancouver (just across the river from Portland), but they are still in Papua.  Maybe they called the airport to have us paged?

There is a church across the river from Portland that does family conference for MAF Papua every year, maybe someone from there?  But how would they know when we were going to be in Portland???  Plus it was Sunday morning, so wouldn’t they be at church?

We wandered around the baggage claim area and the ticketing area for about 20 minutes to see if we recognized anyone…or if anyone recognized us and saw no one.  So we finally decided to head back through security.  We had just gotten through and were putting our shoes back on when we heard, “Nathan and Becky Fagerlie, please pick up a white courtesy phone, there is a message waiting for you.”

Surely this is a joke!!!  Someone is watching us!  We just put our shoes on!!

We found a white courtesy phone.  The message was from the Robertson family from the church across the river who were waiting for us just outside the secured area..  We don’t know the Robertson family.   Still having about 3 hours and 4 minutes until our flight, we thought, “What the heck!”  And we left the secured area again.

This time though, we found a family grinning at us on the other side!  And not in that “Oh look, white people!” sort of way that we are used to, but in the “We know you!” kind of way.  The Robertson family.

Turns out that the Robertson family (who we had never met before that day) read this very blog (Hi guys!) and saw that we were going through Portland.  So, they asked a bunch of people (including two families from here) if they knew what time we’d be in Portland.  No one knew.  But they weren’t going to give up that easy!  So, they called MAF headquarters in Nampa, and tracked down someone who knew our travel itinerary.  Then they bought us a bunch of presents (candy and gift cards!!!!!!) and skipped church to meet us at the airport.  Having not found us in baggage claim, they headed upstairs and had us paged a second time and then finally found us!

We feel unbelievably blessed that they went through so much trouble to come meet us!  What an awesome family!

We enjoyed some candy, Starbucks and Chipotle on them!  Thank you guys!


Why Ours are the Cutest: The Undeniable Facts

This a totally unbiased fact:

We have the cutest nieces and nephew in the history of history.

And I can prove it:

Milla Bean.  We hadn’t met Milla before this trip and I was totally prepared for her to be terrified of me.  But she was sitting on my lap by day two!  Yay!

P.S.-Her middle name is not Bean.  Just thought you should know.

Violet.  This little girl has the best smile and the best little laugh you’ve ever heard.  Seriously.  The best.

Daria.  We bought Daria these Trios for Christmas and she brought them over so that she could make stuff with Uncle Nathan.  They built an airplane together.  Love this girl.  She is so sweet and thoughtful!

Parker.  We haven’t met little Parker yet (he’s only like 4.12 days old) but we love him already!  Look at those chubby cheeks and fuzzy hair.  Love it!!!

So, these are the facts people.

The undeniable don’t-we-have-the-cutest-nieces-and-nephew facts.

Teaching English

Last week, Heather was asked to help teach an English class at a local High School.  She asked me to tag along and help her out!

Beforehand, Heather and I prepared about an hour’s worth of teaching material.  But when we showed up, we found out it was a two-hour class!  Yikes!  We had to improvise a bit, but we were able to extend our teaching time to an hour and a half.

We gave the students a little script to practice and then perform in front of class.  They were so nervous!  And boy do we understand.  We had to do the same thing when we were learning Indonesian.

We decided last minute (to fill some time) to interview each of the students.  They did a great job answering simple questions on the spot!

At the end of class they asked if we could return another time.  Heather and I definitely hope to go back a few more times before the end of the school year!




While in America…

While were in America, and I was enjoying Target and shopping for toilet paper, Nathan was attending MAF’s Instructor Pilot Seminar with these fine folk:

After two weeks in the classroom and a week of flying, Nathan is officially an MAF Instructor Pilot!

So proud of my hubby.

Lewat Illaga

On our way to America (like a month ago!  where does the time go??) we went through Illaga (Kami lewat Illaga).  Illaga was a new village for me, I had not visited there before.  As usual, I had fun taking pictures!


Our Missing Hedge

Aaaaaaaand we’re back!  (in Sentani and on the internet!)

I’m amazed how much the internet keeps us connected to the world!  We were just over a week without and man, did we miss a lot!!  People had babies, people got married, the New iPad was released!  Whew!  The world’s been busy while we’ve been away!

We are in Sentani for a week while Nathan does an inspection on the Kodiak.  So, we’re soaking up all the internet we can before we return to internet-less Nabire!

Here is the culprit in our internet problems:


See that car driving on the road??  Yeah, there used to be a hedge blocking the view from the road and now it’s gone!

The city of Nabire is widening the road and so they took over part of our base, tearing out our “protective” hedge in the process.  In all of their digging, they also dug up our phone and internet lines, cutting them in four places.  And then they reburied the cut lines.  So it will be awhile, I think, before we have internet again.  Sigh.

Our awesome yard guys have replanted some bamboo along the barb wire fence to recreate our hedge but it’ll take awhile for it to regrow.  In the meantime, our base feels less safe.  Thankfully my dogs are good barkers and try to keep away any unwanted “guests!”