We’re heading home to Nabire this morning!

However, the city of Nabire was digging up something or other and accidentally dug up a bunch of cables, including the internet cable, so now we don’t have internet there.  IWA!  (Indonesia Wins Again!)

We have no idea when this will be fixed, so please be patient with us until this problem is resolved!

Tomorrow is a Long Day

Tomorrow we head home to Indonesia!  And it’s gonna be a long day.

I know I write about how long this trip is each time that we do it…but um, it’s really long so it deserves a post every time.

I’m drawing a total blank as to what else I should write….


Goodbye Dr. Pepper.

Goodbye Target.

Goodbye yummy cheese.

Goodbye friends and family.

See you in a few months!!

How to Shop for Toilet Paper in America

Yesterday I went to Walmart with one simple task: buy toilet paper.

And suddenly I found myself standing in the toilet paper aisle completely overwhelmed.  Why are there so many different kinds of toilet paper?  A whole aisle dedicated to toilet paper??  2-ply, 4-ply, 1-ply, quilted, non-quilted, generic, name-brand.  Seriously?

I’ve been to Walmart several times already and done just fine.  I mentally prepared myself for the 20 types of peanut butter and the bazillion types of cereal, but I had no idea that toilet paper would be my undoing.  It snuck up on me.

And that is what us folks in the biz call “reverse culture shock” (at least I think that’s what they’re talking about).

I am a thirty-year-old woman.  I have learned a completely different language.  I have lived in a foreign country.  I have snorkeled with whale sharks and had some questionable spa treatments.  I have been in the remote mountains of Papua where people have no idea what Walmart is…or probably even toilet paper.  I have ridden on a tiny little airplane, flown by my hot pilot hubby, into postage stamp sized airstrips, but it was the toilet paper aisle at Walmart that did me in!

After much deliberation, I ended up buying Quilted Northern because those little cartoon bears are cute.  Yup, that’s how I decided…based on the packaging and the commercials where the baby bear gets the other brand toilet paper stuck on his bum.  I guess marketing works.  But I’m pretty sure all the Walmartians thought I was crazy as I stood there, in the toilet paper aisle, picking up one package, but then exchanging it for another, over and over again.

Looking forward to returning home to Indonesia on Friday, where’s there’s only one or two choices of 1-ply toilet paper (every once and awhile there’s 2 -ply…that’s how you know you’re living right!)

Things I’m Saying

I’m so sorry for my lack of pictures in the last few posts…and I’m not promising any in this one.  I just haven’t been taking very many photos (and really, how many photos of Walmart and Target and us eating do you want to see?)

America really is awesome, and we’re so happy to be here for a short time!

Here are some things that I find myself frequently saying:

1.  It’s cold here!
2.  I love Target!
3.  Look at all the cheese!
4.  Our nieces are so cute/sweet/big/grown up!
5.  Rasberry M&M’s…really?
6.  Let’s go to Taco Bell!
7.   Yes, we do like it in Indonesia.
8.  Yes, Nathan really does land on that little airstrip.
9.   I wonder what Brian and Heather are doing now.
10.  What is Zumba?
11.  Does every single person here have a smart phone?
12.  Yum, pretzels!

One more week in America until we head home in Nabire.  We’re enjoying out time in the U.S., but it’s always good to go home!

The Give Big

In the sleepy town of Prescott…

No wait, that’s not how this post should start.

Once upon a time there lived two…

Nope, that’s not it either.

The Give Big is awesome.

(much better)

The Give Big is a small group from The Heights Church in Prescott, AZ.  A few months ago they decided to take us on as their December project.  Each month they do some kind “Give Big” project benefitting someone in their local community, and for December the project was us!

I’m not sure how they managed it, but they bought us a brand new laptop!!  And not just any laptop, a MacBook Air!  We are blown away by their generosity and man do we love our new computer!

And that’s not all folks!  They also bought me a new food processor for my Bosch and Nathan a new Leatherman tool to carry on the airplane with him.

Yup, we’re spoiled rotten.

Thank you so much Give Big small group of Prescott, AZ!!!  You guys are amazing!!!!

Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica

There is a sugar beet factory over here in Nampa, ID.

They process 1.5 tons of beets every year.

Mr. Schrute would be so proud, right?

We’re having a great time in America, learning about sugar beets (and being an instructor pilot for MAF…well Nathan is learning that part, not me.  I’m just learning about sugar beets and Siri and the new M&M flavors.)

UPDATE:  Oops…they actually process 1.5 million tons of beets every year.  Sorry Idaho, I didn’t mean to short change you!


Walmart and Target

Maybe it’s ridiculous for me to write a whole post about Walmart and Target, but after living in Indonesia where on any given day you could go to 5 stores before finding salt, Walmart and Target are truly a miracle.  Not only do they have salt, they have about 10 different kinds of salt!

Many people told me that I would feel really overwhelmed in the grocery stores here, but what I find myself actually feeling is incredibly blessed.  America is blessed.  Going to the store knowing that they will have exactly what you want is not normal.  Not by the world’s standards anyway.

So, the next time you stand in the bread aisle, or the salt aisle or the cereal aisle (or pretty much any aisle) count yourself blessed to be living in America!!

Happiness and Cheeze-It Snack Mix

It’s 9:00 at night and I should be going to bed because of jet-lag and all that, but instead, I am sitting on my mother-in-law’s couch with my brother and sister-in-law playing with my computer.  (Yay!  Thank you Heights Give Big!!)

And then I thought, “I should update my blog.  But ugh, it’ll take so long.”  But then I remembered, “I’m in America!  There’s fast internet here!!! (and Cheeze-It Snack Mix…awesome.)”

We are LOVING our time in America so far.  It has been a whirlwind of activity, but it’s all worth it when my sweet little niece hugs me and says, “I love you Aunt Becky.”  Sigh, happiness.

Just four more days in Phoenix and then we head off to Nampa where Nathan will begin the Flight Instructor Seminar.