All Our Bags Are Packed

Including the “keep Becky entertained so she doesn’t drive her husband bonkers” bag for the looooong airplane ride.  (it includes a Kindle, a Nintendo DS, an iphone, a Kindle Fire, paper and pen, and a camera)

Tomorrow, we leave Nabire and head to Sentani…the first leg of our journey back to America.

And since we’re leaving our computer behind, this will be my last update until we get to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. (!!!)

So, here’s our trip.

Tomorrow: Nabire to Sentani, where we will overnight.
Thursday: Sentani to Jakarta, where we will spend two nights and Nathan will take a maintenance test.
Saturday-Sunday: Jakarta to Singapore to Tokyo to Portland to Boise.  On paper, this looks like less time than it actually is, because we cross the international dateline.  Marty McFly would be so proud, we actually go back in time when we cross that line.
Monday: Boise to Phoenix to Chipotle!  Ha!  No, seriously, we’re going to Chipotle.  And then we will fight to stay awake the rest of the day.  Ugh…jet lag.

See you on the other side people!!  SO excited.

Our Slice of Beach

I’ve been talking about our life next to the ocean for quite some time now, but I haven’t actually shown you our little slice of beach.

Prepare to be blown away.

Ok, not really.  It’s not a pretty slice of beach.  It’s usually crowded and full of trash and dog poop (that ain’t no lie).  And the sand is black instead of white.  But it’s “ours.”  I don’t know the actual name of the beach, but folks around here call it “Pantai MAF” or “MAF Beach.”  Though MAF doesn’t own it, we still like to claim it as our little slice of paradise water front.


And if you turn 180 degrees, you would see this:


There ya have it folks!  Our little slice of beach.

A Heli in Nabire

On Monday, the Heli came to Nabire.

And excitement ensued.

HeliMission operates out of Wamena.  They service villages that do not yet have an airstrip.  They are a HUGE help to m’s when they first move into a village.  There is a lot of set-up involved and it can often be years before an airstrip is built!

So, on Monday they were helping some of the non-airstrip villages that surround Nabire and they stopped at our humble little base for gas.

It’s not often that we have a helicopter (or, as Ethan says, “chopper”) landing on our base.  Man those things are windy!

I had been waiting for the heli to show up, putting off my errands into town, but I finally gave up and decided to leave anyway.  And, of course, right when I pulled out of the gate, the heli showed up.  I quick parked the car and ran back on to base.

Airplanes and helicopters are not shy to show their backsides.

Um, yeah, this is me running from the gate.  :)

Nathan was in his Kodiak, getting ready to take-off.

Still running.

Nathan is taxi-ing out to the runway.

Yay!  Finally a better angle.  I’m out of breath now.

Nathan sitting on the runway now, waiting to take-off.  See how close we live to the runway?  The heli is on base, Nathan is on the runway.  So convienient!

Pretty helicopter.

(Never thought I’d put those two words together.  I guess my pilot-husband is starting to influence me.)

Our Karyawan (national staff) were SO excited about the helicopter.  They all took turns taking pictures while sitting in the “captain’s chair.”

And then I went to run my errands.  The end. :)

P.S.- We have the cutest nieces in the world and we get to see them in 11 days!  Just thought you should know!


America, pt 2

(Um, is everyone else seeing weird little A’s pop up in previous posts all of a sudden, or is it just me?  I don’t know what happened.  Sometimes WordPress is a mystery.)

To follow up my previous post about things I am looking forward to in America, here is a few things that I am NOT looking forward to in America.

1. Being cold.  Yes, the snow is pretty and all, but I’ve been hanging out in 80-90 degree weather for over a year now, and I’m fully expecting a “Cool Runnings” moment when I step off the plane in Boise. (ya know, when the Jamaican guys step out into the cold for the first time and then run back into the airport?  Yup, that’s gonna be me.)

2. Goodbyes.  Hellos will be awesome and goodbyes will be sad.  But at least it’s only for a few months this time (furlough in June!!!).

3. Sleeping on a strange mattress.  Somehow I went from being one of those people that could sleep anywhere, to one of those people that just wants to get home to her own mattress.  Guess I’m getting old.

4.  The long, horrible plane ride.  Ugh, there’s no getting around it.  It takes a stinking long time to get to Boise, ID from Nabire, Papua, Indonesia (like, days…)  Poor Nathan, I am not a fun travelling companion.  I get all antsy and start asking “are we there yet?” about 3 hours into the trip.  (To be fair, I have gotten much better after several trips over the ocean, but still.  It’s no fun.  Plus, airplane coffee leaves much to be desired.)

Um, that’s all I got!  The awesome things far outweigh the not-so-awesome things about this trip!  So, it’s gonna be good!


Since we are leaving for America in 12 days (!!!!!!!), I’m been wishing, hoping and dreaming about our time there!  I don’t normally spend a lot of time thinking about America and the things I’m missing out on because I don’t live there (that would just be depressing), but when I know it’s just a few short days away, I start getting really excited!

FYI-in case you didn’t know, we will be in America for 4 weeks while Nathan attends MAF’s Instructor Pilot Seminar.

So, in no particular order, here are things I am looking forward to about our upcoming trip to America:

1.  Family.  Nathan and I both will get to go to Phoenix for a week to hang out with the Fagerlie family (Thank you Grandma!!).  And I will get to go to Chicago for 4 days to hang out with my side of the family (Thank you Mom and Dad!)

2. Our nieces.  I know this could fall under the “family” category, but these sweet little girls deserve a mention of their own!  We are SOOOOO excited to see them (and meet Milla, who was born a year ago, but we haven’t actually met her yet!)

3.  Chipotle, Subway, Macayos, Buffalo Wild Wings, Taco Bell, Chilis, Panera Bread, Burger King.  Just saying.  It’s gonna be yum!

4.  Snow.  I might only be excited about this while sitting next to a fireplace drinking something hot, but in that moment, I’ll love the snow!

5.  Attending my sister-in-law’s baby shower!  Yay!

6. Cereal and fresh milk.  I dream about cereal.  Seriously.

7.  Target.  Oh how I love Target!

8. Blue Jeans.  It’s just way too hot to wear blue jeans here.  I only wear them if I know I’m not leaving the house (cause our house is AC-ed and it’s awesome)

9.  Grocery shopping.  All of the food I could possibly want in ONE huge, clean store??  So amazing!

10.  Church.  I love going to church in America where I can sing in English and understand everything the Pastor says!!

2011 Photobook

I am so excited that 2011 ended so that I could order my 2011 Photobook!!  I have been faithfully making digital scrapbook pages each month for the book.

I clicked “order” yesterday and will pick up my book when we’re in the States in February.  I’m ridiculously excited about it!!

Here’s a little preview:

The cover.  It will be a hardcover book.

These pictures were all taken in Pogapa during my ride-along with Nathan.

When we were on vacation in Singapore last October, we went to the zoo.  Best. Zoo. Ever.

Our Christmas Tea last December.

If you want to see the rest, you’ll just have to wait to see it in real life! :)



My Little Lunch Date

This is Ethan.  He’s almost 2.

He’s my next door neighbor (Brian and Heather’s kiddo).

He loves airplanes, and likes to point out all of their parts (“prop!”).  He knows where every single airplane picture/toy is in my house.

He like my dogs and especially likes to tell them, “no!”

He’s obsessed with butter and dried blueberries (not together, although maybe he would like that!)

He’s the cutest little dancer you’ve ever seen.

And I love having my little lunch dates with him (mom was out flying with dad)!

Infertility is a Gift

If you haven’t already read my first post on infertility, you can find it here.

As I was praying a few weeks ago, God hit met square between the eyes saying, “Infertility is a gift.”  “That’s crazy!” I thought, but I immediately felt the truth of His statement.  This is not a gift I ever would have chosen on my own.  It was given to me and I hated it.  For a long time, I hated it.  I questioned God, the Giver.  Why would He give me this horrible gift?  What was I supposed to do with it?  Could I trade it in for a warm, cuddly baby?  But no, the gift stayed.  It has hung around my house for nearly 5 years.  Sometimes it sat right out in the open and I cried every time I looked at it and sometimes I’d put it away on the shelf where it collected dust, but it was still there, catching my eye at unexpected moments.

And then, in one little statement, “Infertility is a gift,” it changed.  I changed.  Instead of it being this ugly burden I had to hold on to, I looked for beauty in it.  And here’s what I found: this whole time, God has been drawing Nathan and me closer to Him and in total dependence on Him.  This gift would never go away without His help, and we knew it.  So we prayed.  And prayed.  And then prayed some more.  And then I cried a little bit (ok, let’s be honest, I cried a lot).  And Nathan and I drew closer to each other because this gift was wholly ours and no one else’s.  Yes, other people have similar gifts.  But our experiences with this gift are uniquely ours.  The last thing I found is this: you.  You who have encouraged us and prayed for us.  You who have cried with us and loved us.  You who have shared your own stories of loss and sorrow.  You have been such a blessing to us!

At the same time that God clearly told me that infertility is a gift, I told Him that I was ready to give it back!  “Return to Sender!!” I said.  I thought returning the gift would mean pregnancy.  But the God I serve is much more creative than that!!  He took the gift back.  I don’t feel the burden of it.  It doesn’t catch my eye at unexpected moments anymore.  And I’m still not pregnant.  What I do feel is freedom to move forward.  To seek other options.

I believe that God has a whole bunch of new gifts just waiting for us!  And I can’t wait to unwrap them and see what they are.

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Jeremiah 29:11

Stuff on My Walls

Yesterday I sat down to write a blog post, finished the whole thing, posted it…and WordPress lost half of it.  Argh.  I deleted that little half, and then had to jump in the shower before my house helper showed up.

Once I sat down to redo the whole thing, the power when out.  Which not only knocked out my Internet, but also my computer (because the battery is really old and doesn’t hold a charge anymore.)  Argh again.

I gave up for awhile and worked on other projects in my house.

A few hours late, I came back to it again.  I sat down and wrote half of a post and then the power went out…again.  IWA!!!!  (Indonesia Wins Again!)

So, I guess that post was not meant to ever see the light of day (or the light of the Internet as the case may be)

Hopefully the electricity and WordPress will cooperate so that I can write a whole entire post today!

Today, I’m taking you on a little tour called “Stuff on My Walls.”  Very exciting, I know!!

I love, love, love having my own house where I can hang up stuff on my walls!

This is in my “entry way.”  I bought the window frame in Salatiga and the hooks at Ikea in Singapore.  It’s quite the international wall hanging.  And it gives us a place to dump stuff when we walk in the door…always a good thing.  The photos are of my nieces…I need some new pictures though!  They are so much bigger now…plus I have a third niece and a nephew on the way.  Good thing I already have 4 frames.

This is what you would see looking straight ahead from the front door.  It’s pretty new to my walls.  The first decorations on it were Christmas.  Now it’s been de-Christmasized and I decorated with randoms things I found around the house.  We don’t have any craft stores to run out to, so most of my decoration shopping is done in my own home.  The pears and apples were things I already owned.  I made the little “F” with scrapbook paper and a marker.  I printed out the “You are my favorite” (something I say to Nathan all the time) sign after creating it on my computer.  The other red swirly things are from note cards that I bought on clearance at Target a long time ago.  And the bottle was in my house when I moved it.  Yay for virtually free decor!

I took this photo in Karimunjawa, an island just north of Java, where we went on vacation during language school.  It hangs in my family room now and I love it.

You’ve already seen these, but they are my timezone clocks that hang over my front door.

These paintings, that I bought when I lived in the U.K., hang in our hallway.  (sorry for the terrible lighting)  From left to right, they are: Windsor Castle, Tintern Abby, and The Royal Crescent in Bath.  If I could live in any city in the world, I would live in Bath, England.  It’s SO beautiful and full of so much history.  Plus Jane Austen used to live there.

This is in our bedroom.  I loved my wedding.

And finally, our guest room/office.  On the left is a wood art thinga-ma-bobber that I bought in Java.  And on the right is a Dani feather headress.

This concludes the tour of the stuff on my walls!  Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

6 Things

It’s been awhile since I wrote a “6 Things” post.  In fact, I forgot about them until I did my little year in review!

Anyway, without further ado, here are 6 Things that I love about having air conditioning throughout our whole house!

1.  I can cook an entire meal without sweating!!!  This never happened before.  Talk about putting a little elbow grease into something, I used to sweat into our food all the time.  And while I enjoy cooking, I did not enjoy sweating while cooking.

2.  My little rat “friend” who had taken up residence in my pantry, surviving on whatever he could chew through (which sometimes included the cabinet itself), seems to have vacated the premises.  I’m not sure if we sealed in his entry point or if he just doesn’t like AC, but either way, I’ll take it!  Rat-free living!  It’s the way to go people.

        Sidenote:  One night, before the AC, Nathan had gotten up to use the facilities and the Rat came running out of the bathroom!  Nathan spidermaned it up the wall so the rat could run under him and then spent the next several hours awake because of the dose of adrenaline.  Another great reason to have a rat-free house…we sleep better.

3. The bug population in my house has gone down significantly.  Ants don’t come running at the first sign of stray food and cockroaches aren’t staring me down.  This is the life!

4. Somehow the tile in the hallway has gotten slippery, but only for the dogs, and it is too darn cute and entertaining (don’t judge, there’s not much to do for entertainment around here) watching my puppies trying walk around (the other parts of the house would probably be slippery to them too, but they are only allowed in the hall.)

5. We actually spend time in the family room now.  We never used to hang out in our family room because it was way too hot.  Sitting stagnant on the couch should not cause you to sweat.  That should just be a rule or something.  I’ll take it up with the rule guy.

6. Things don’t mold.  You have no idea how amazing this is!  I have been fighting mold in my house since we moved to Indonesia.  Mold on my cabinets, mold on my clothes, mold on my leather chair, mold on my pot handles, mold on my bookshelves/desk/end tables, mold on my Bible.  It’s everywhere…but not anymore!!!  Take that mold!