Water, Water Everywhere!

Besides eating lots-o-food, we also spent lots-o-time in the water!

The Hard Rock Hotel has the biggest, most awesome-est (that’s a word, right?) pool I’ve ever seen in my life.   Complete with a sand island, water slides, waterfalls, a play structure for kiddos and cabanas!

And hanging out with our good friends, the Becks, is icing on the cake!

Nathan and I couldn’t pass up buying this inflatable banana for the kids.  Inflatable bananas make the already awesome pool more awesome (obviously).  Love Jordan’s expression in the second picture.

Jordan and Catelynn learned to swim for this trip!  Look at them.  They are pros.  Catelynn even has her eyes open under the water!

And yes, that is a sandy bottom you see in Jordan’s picture.  Told you.  Awesome-est pool ever!

Uno in the cabana.

I did not win.

We also spent a day at Waterbom, a water park in Bali.  We all had a great time, despite Nathan and I getting stuck on the scariest slide in the whole place (“How many people have gotten stuck today sir?”  “Um, two.”  Yes, somehow Nathan and I managed to be the only two people to get stuck on the slide that day!  But don’t worry, the tube had an emergency exit hatch.)  and poor April who was too pregnant to go on any slides.

We loved our vacation!  But we’re glad to be home.

Food-Themed Vacation

As I’m looking through our vacation photos, I notice a definite theme: FOOD!

I wasn’t kidding when I said we choose our vacation destinations based on the food available there.

Seriously, I never dreamed about food this much until I moved overseas.

One of our favorites in Bali: Mojo’s Flying Burrito with the Beck family!  Kinda like Chipotle.  So yum. I dream about fresh cilantro.  Mojo’s has it.

Girl’s tea time at Biku.  Hummus platter=amazing.

Also at Biku, fresh strawberry with whipped cream and mint leaves.  It’s making me hungry just looking at it!

At , a Walmart type of store.  Milano cookies!!!  Holy amazingness!!!  (I didn’t buy them because they were orange Milanos…)

Yes, I took a picture of the lettuce at Carrefore.

And, yes I am posting it on here for you to see.

Because lettuce is not easy to come by in these parts and I was excited to see so much of it in one place!!

Found Rold Gold Pretzels at a grocery store in Singapore.  Why are pretzels so delicious?

Subway!  So simple.  So delicious.  So hard to duplicate in Papua.

We had such a great vacation resting, relaxing and EATING!








We’re in Singapore right now and my eyes are tired from looking at all of the amazing stuff around me!

We walked through a grocery store and I just ran my hands across all of the glorious food choices.  Applesauce, jalapenos, Doritos, Special K (bought some!), a bunch of different kinds of flour, all the spices you could ever want, cheese, glorious cheese, a butcher counter!, frozen puff pastry, tortillas, fresh produce including cilantro!!!  Holy Cow.  Grocery stores are awesome.  Wait, let me correct myself: grocery stores that are clean, organized and guaranteed to have what you are looking for are awesome!

Two more days in this metropolis paradise until we go home.

P.S.-I paid $8 for my Special K, but did pass up the Goldfish crackers for $5.  How do people afford to live here??

Today at the Grocery Store…

I found these awesome items available for purchase!

There’s nothing like a beat-up five gallon bucket of fat.  I feel like Opera should be pulling this onto stage in a wagon.

Actually, it probably makes for some unhealthy tasty food!

This is a brand new product just hitting the shelves!  Cheese-flavored sweetened condensed milk.  Cheese-flavored.

I have no words.

Shopping in Indonesia is always an adventure!

My Growing Pups

Someday I’ll probably stop taking growth pictures of my puppies…but that probably won’t happen until God gives us kiddos to model for growth pictures.

Until then, you wonderful people get to chart the growth of our puppies along with us!

They are 6 months old this month and they are getting so big!

Tyberious, who I frequently call “Buddy.”  He’s a sweet, obedient puppy.  We love his fluffy yoda ears.


Piper, who I frequently call “Doodle.”  She is a sweet, mischivious puppy.  We love her sleek batman ears.


And just for size reference, this is Ellie, or “Itty-Bitty Kitty,” who we are still kitty-sitting.  We like her miniature little paws (well, I do.  I’ve never actually asked Nathan his opinion on her paws.)

7 Tons of Food

…is how much food Nathan and I plan on consumming during our vacation next week!

Just kidding…sorta.

It’s been an usually rainy year for the village of Pogapa.  So rainy in fact that their gardens were washed down the mountain, leaving the people without food.

A local church decided to step up and buy 7 tons of food to be taken into the village!  That’s a whole lot of rice!  (and some other stuff too)

Yesterday the food was delivered to our hangar.

The guys had to get their photo with an airplane!  That is the backside of Nathan’s Kodiak.

Nathan, Steve and Brian will be working on delivering all of this food over the next few weeks.

Don’t you love it when the body of Christ works together?

Los Bestos Tacos

I’m starting to loose my Spanish while living over here, so pardon my poor attempts at remembering any Spanish words from those high school Spanish classes oh so long ago.  I get them all mixed up with Indonesian words.  So, this is the recipe for Los Bestos Tacos, or Tacos yang Paling Enak, or Los Tacos yang Muy Delicioso, or Really Yummy Please-Make-These-Right-Now Tacos.

You’ll be shocked to know that both the Spanish and Indoneisa word for taco is taco (although Indonesian would probably spell it tako.  But let’s be honest, most Indonesians have never eaten a tako or a taco.)

Enough language lessons.


Woah baby, you will never buy hard taco shells again after trying these tacos.

Nathan’s parents own a timeshare in Mexico, so we’ve had some really yummy tacos.  But I knew I’d found a winner when Nathan said these rivaled los tacos mexicanos.

First, you’ll want to lay out your corn tortillas.  There are no corn tortillas in this country.  These came in a care package.  Awesome.

Shmear each tortilla with a little bit of refried beans.  I made mine from scratch, but you could used canned if you have access to such wonderful things.

Then add the cooked beef.  I’ve used ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning.  But this time I just cut some beef into chunks and seasoned it with salt and cayenne pepper.  Both choices are super yum-e.

Using tongs, fold the tacos in half and put into hot oil (about 350 F).

Let cook in oil for about 1 minute, 30 seconds each side.

Drain the oil out of the taco (otherwise you’ll have a greasy mess) and then set on rack to cool.  Sprinkle each taco shell with a pinch of salt.

Once the tacos are cool enough to touch, add whatever condiments you like in your tacos.  We like cheese and pico de gallo.  Muy enak sekali (Spaglonesian at its finest)!


Los Bestos* Tacos

6 corn tortillas
1/2 pound ground or unground beef
taco seasoning or salt and cayenne pepper
refried beans (I use this recipe)
oil for frying

pico de gallo or salsa
sour cream

1.  For ground beef, prepare according to package directions on taco seasoning.  For unground beef, cut beef (I really can’t say what cut of beef you should get.  Mine is a mystery cut.) into small bit sized pieces and season with salt and cayenne pepper.  Cook on skillet over medium heat until cooked through.
2.  Layout tortillas.  Smear a thin layer of refried beans on each one followed by a layer of cooked beef.
3.  Fold each taco in half and place into hot oil with tongs.  Cook for 1 minutes, 30 seconds each side, or until golden and crispy.
4.  Drain and remove from oil.  Please on a rack to cool.  Sprinkle each taco with a pinch of salt.
5.  Add condiments and enjoy!

*After re-reading this post, I realized that “Los Bestos” could sound like Asbestos, which is not appetizing at all.  But these tacos are muy enak sekali, I promise.

Things They Didn’t Teach Me in Flight School

(by Nathan)

1.  How to strap someone into their seat when they are wearing only a koteka (a dried, hollow gourd men wear to cover the important bits)

2.  How to strap someone into their seat when they area nursing mother (it is perfectly acceptable to nurse in public in this culture without covering up).

3.  How to properly hog tie a pig so that it does not get loose mid-flight, or poop all over the airplane.  (Pigs do not like to fly).

4.  How to carefully avert your eyes while the lady in the back of the plane creatively uses a sick sack as a bathroom.

5.  How to give a passenger briefing when you do not share a common language.  (there are over 250 languages on this island alone!)

6.  How to talk on the radio in another language

7.  How to secure a sick or injured person to the floor because they cannot sit in a seat.

8.  How to negotiate the weapons away from military personnel and secure them in the back of the plane without getting shot.