Be Our Guest!

We interupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you this annoucement:

<ahem> Please be patient with us.  The internet is currently not working at our house.  Blog posts will be sporatic until this problem is resolved.  Thank you.

We now return to regularly scheduled posts.


Our guest room is all ready to go!  And with Nathan’s parents coming in two weeks, they will be our first guests!

Here is the before picture:

And after:

So, you should come visit us because it’s beautiful here and we’d love to see you!

Conference Wrap-Up

I have no idea how to actually wrap-up conference in one post, but I’m going to try!

So, we had an awesome time.  We loved hanging out with our co-workers that we don’t often see, the New Heights team and flat Matt.  We loved the cooler weather and the yummy cheeze-its that the New Heights team brought from America.  We loved Pastor Matt’s teaching and worshiping our Lord in English!  We loved having a week off to relax and do nothing.  We loved the food!  We love the mountains and the rain and the mud. 

Yup, it was a great week!

There is no way I could share all of the photos I took (538 to be exact), but here are a few highlights:


We’re headed out for the Pyramids!

Nope, not the ones in Egypt.  Pyramid is a conference center here in the mountains of Papua where MAF holds its annual family conferernce.  A team from New Heights Church in Vancouver, WA comes each year to put run the whole show!  We’re hear that it’s the highlight of the summer!

So, I bid you adieu for a week.  We’ll be back online on July 18!

My, How They’ve Grown

Our little puppy-pies are 12 weeks old now and they are getting BIG!

Tyberious.  He is such a good little puppy.  He loves to play and is very obedient. 

Piper.  She is a neurotic little girl who loves to cuddle.  She is mostly obedient. :)

What Is That?

On today’s episode, of “What Is That?” the management is proud to bring you this photo:

Now we’re ready to play “What Is That?”

It is:
A. The large piece of metal sitting in my hallway that I continue to stub my toes on.
B. The large piece of metal that my dogs managed to steal out of our garage and then mangle out of shape.
C. The large piece of metal that used to hold the windshield of Nathan’s Kodiak in place, but popped out during flight.

[insert Jeopardy waiting music here]

(it’s playing in your head now isn’t it?)

If you guessed B…then you are incorrect!

The correct answer is C!

Windshields popping out during flight?  Yikes!  Glad I’m not a pilot!  But my awesome honey is and he handled it like a pro.

Thankfully Nathan was only about 15 miles out from Nabire when the window popped, so he landed the airplane and made it safely home. The passengers were a little shaken but kept saying that the pilot did a great job!   Two days later, he ferried the airplane, broken windshield and all, to Sentani to be fixed.  They swapped him airplanes (since there are currently three Kodiaks and two Kodiak pilots on the island) and he came home the same day–Dunkin Donuts in hand, of course.

So glad that my hubby is safe!

Thanks for joining us on this episode of “What Is That?” See you next time!

Happy Fourth of July

It wasn’t quite like the Taste of Chicago with a good ol’ American fireworks display, but we still had a fun time celebrating our Nation’s independence over here on the other side of the world!

Our celebration started out with a rousing game of kickball!  The national staff joined in and we had a great time!

Yes, baseball is the more traditional American game, but we didn’t want to risk hitting the balls over the fence into someone’s car or motorbike or head, so kickball was the safer-while-still-American option.

Nathan partcipated, got two outs and one homerun.  I, having been up all night the night before with food poisoning, took pictures instead.

And then, we all shared two giant 20-foot long banana splits.  Yum-o. (Despite my uneasy stomach, I still had a bite…yum-o?)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!

The Biggest Kitchen I’ve Ever Had

I love, love, love my new kitchen.

And I cleaned it all up, spic and span for you folks!  (well, plus it needed to be done…)

Do you spot something slightly odd in our kitchen??

I’ll give you a hint….the fridge.

It’s in front of the window.

Yup, our fridge is to big to fit in the fridge spot, so they oven and the fridge have switched places.

But I love my fridge and I love my oven, so it’s all ok.

And now I’m off to do dishes in the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had!