White Elephant

This was one of my white elephant gifts.  A box of dominos.  I actually think they’re pretty awesome, though I don’t play dominos.

Gar’da Kencana means golden eagle.  Which was my school mascot when I attended Cornerstone University.  I was SO meant to have these dominos!

This is not one set of dominos. 

It is 10 individual cardboard sets of dominos! 

Every girl’s dream!

Aren’t they cute?  How have I lived my whole live up until now without disposable dominos?

Mexican Train Dominos anyone?  I’ll host and serve fresh squeezed lemonade!

(Seriously…Come Over!)

My favorite part is the backside of them.  Aren’t they pretty?  There’s got to be some kind of art project to do with these things!


I know I said that I would write about white elephant gifts, but today is a regular old workday for us, so I’m going to write a regular old post about airplanes!

PK-MEA arrived in country awhile back but each airplane has to go through an inspection and has to have the correct government paperwork before it’s considered operational.  This inspection has been one of Nathan’s maintenance projects! 

Now PK-MEA has passed inspection and gotten it’s paperwork and so she’s (I just decided that she’s a girl) is ready to fly!  Nathan and another pilot did a return-to-service flight for a final check-out and she’s ready to work.

Here she is with the whole crew that worked on her!

The crew again, without a giant shadow across their faces.

Happy Flying PK-MEA!

Christmas Celebrations

Happy Christmas Ketiga!  (Papuans celebrate Hari Natal Kedua, meaning second Christmas on the 26…so today is third (ketiga) Christmas.  And also today is my baby brother’s 1st wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Billy and Erika!)

Our Christmas was great!  We spent the morning at home opening presents and then had Christmas dinner with our program manager.

The post-gift-opening mess.

Which I still haven’t cleaned up.  And now it’s making crazy.  Two days is my limit on unnecessary messes.

White elephant gift opening at the Allrich’s house. 

Shopping for white elephant gifts is fairly easy in Indonesia.  You can walk into any store and purchase any item and BINGO!  White elephant gift!

We got some awesome stuff…I’ll have to write about it later.

We also played Taboo.  Which I haven’t played for years!

And the girls totally smoked the boys!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

What is Wrong with These Pictures?

I’ll give you a hint: we live in the tropics…

…and scientists study the rainforests here…

…and we have brown grass!  This should not be!

It is supposed to be rainy season here, and besides this rainfall several weeks ago we’ve barely seen a drop of rain and our wells are drying up!

Pray for rain!

Up in the Air

It’s been 10 years since Nathan started his pilot traininng and 3 years since we joined MAF and now Nathan is getting his flight check-out in Indonesia!  So far he is checked out at 5 or 6 airstrips.  It will still be a few months before he is fully checked out on flight and maintenance, but we’re on our way!

Bibles, all packed and ready to be deliverd to a remote village.

Oxygen mask required when flying at 13,000 feet. (Notice he’s flying from the left seat now!)

The Kodiak at one of the remote airstrips.

Nathan comes home all excited with great stories about his day!  God is good.  We’re so glad to be here!


It’s always humorous to me how people end up on our little website, so I have a little tracker that will tell me what people searched for to end up here.  Here are a few of my favorites:

-cute blond dudes men college travel (I wonder what they were looking for??)
-i learn by osmosis
-hot cut poland (what?)
-flour bugs (well, that makes sense…I’ve defintely had bugs in my flour before)
-ant eggs (yup, had those too)
-nachos bell grande
-trip across the ocean love 
-nathan and becky fagerlie (yay!  you found us!)
-photos of a broom and spider

I’m sure there will be many more interesting searches to come!

**update December 18, 2010

Two more for ya!

-termite toilet (in my experience, the termites go wherever they darn well please)
-11 pictures of reused ziploc bags (why 11??)

Grinding Meat

I feel like I should say that we can buy ground meat here, but it is more expensive than non-ground meat and since meat is already so expensive, I choose to grind my own and save a little cash.  Plus, I have this fancy meat grinder attachment for my beloved Bosch and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

So, here’s my slab-o-beef.  This cut is called knuckle…which I think should more rightly be called “random piece of beef that we don’t have a name for.”  I cut it up into managable pieces using my favorite knife.

Put the meat on top of the meat grinder.  Admire the photos of our family and friends on the fridge. :)

Vorscht.  Caution.  Attention.  Varning.  Don’t stick your fingers in the grinder while it’s working or else they will look  like the meat.

I seperate the meat into Ziplocs, weighing each portion.

And then I’m done!  Quick and easy.  I usually don’t grind all of the meat.  I leave some of it for non-ground beef meals. :)

The beef here, although usually strange unknown cuts, is much better than what we had available to us in Java, so we’re happy to have beef in our diet again!

Favorite Things

These matches are one of my favorite things for no particular reason.  There’s nothing really special about them.  They are just matches.

But they are “A Go Go.”

And they are “Made as Sweden.”

And everytime I light my stovetop, they make me smile.

Kodiak Dedication and Christmas Party

On this past Saturday we all gathered at the hangar to dedicate two of our new Kodiaks and to have a Christmas celebration with the entire MAF staff in Sentani (expats and nationals)!

Inside the hangar, all decorated for Christmas!  The big sign says “Big Family Christmas, MAF Sentani, Year 2010, Dedication of the Kodiak Airplane, Theme: Give Praise.”

Several different departments got up to sing, both in English and Indonesian.  These guys all work in Flight Ops.

I may have gotten distracted by all of the cute kids…

All and all, a good time!