Volcanos and Tsunamis

Indonesia seems to attract alot of natural disasters!

As you may have heard, there are TWO that have happened recently.  A volcanic eruption in Java and a Tsunami in Sumatera. 

Since we live in Papua now, we are far from both of these (i.e. we live in New York; the volcano is in Arizona and the Tsunami is in California)

The volcano though, is only about 15 miles from Salatiga, where we lived for language school.  No one in Salatiga has been hurt since there is another big mountain in between the town and the volcano, but families living nearer to it have been injured.  Please pray for these families!

Here are a few pictures that one of our friends in Salatiga has taken (thanks Sean!):

(That’s Sean…skipping school to go see the volcano.  I would never have done anything like that when I was in language school 😉 )

On the Road Again

Well, technically it’s not a road, but we do fly out tomorrow on another trip across the ocean!

Finish Packing: check
Ready to get out of the cold and back to Indonesia: check
Prepare to travel for over 51 hours: YIKES!!

Here’s our schedule:

11:30 am Saturday, Oct. 23 Leave from Spokane    (1:30 pm central time, Saturday, Oct. 23)
12:35 pm Saturday, Oct. 23 Arrive in Seattle   (2:35 pm central time, Saturday, Oct. 23)
1:40 pm Saturday, Oct. 23 Depart Seattle for Narita, Japan   (3:40 pm central time, Saturday, Oct. 23)
4:40 pm Sunday, Oct. 24 Arrive in Narita, Japan   (2:40 am central time, Sunday, Oct. 24)
 6:55 pm Sunday, Oct 24 Depart Narita, Japan for Singapore  (4:55 am central time, Sunday, Oct. 24)
1:25 am Monday, Oct 25 Arrive in Singapore   (12:25 pm central time, Sunday, Oct. 24)
 12:40 pm Monday, Oct 25 Depart Singapore for Jakarta  (11:40 pm central time, Monday, Oct. 25)
1:15 pm Monday, Oct. 25 Arrive in Jakarta   (1:15 am central time, Monday, Oct. 25)
9:10 pm, Monday, Oct. 25 Depart Jakarta for Sentani  (9:10 am central time, Monday, Oct. 25)
6:50 am, Tuesday, Oct. 26 Arrive in Sentani   (4:50 pm central time, Monday, Oct. 25)

Total travel time: 51 hours and 20 minutes 

How did this end up longer than our last trip from Sentani to Chicago?? 

Oy Vey!

The Big 3-0

Nathan turns 30 today!

We have an agreement that I am only considered “old” for the few months out of the year that our ages overlap.  So, I am officially young again! 

I love you Nathan!  Even if you are old 😉

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman!

Today is Nathan’s first day of his in-the-air flight training for the Kodiak.  Up until today it’s been a lot of classroom and simulator work.

So, if you’re in Spokane and you see the above airplane flying overhead, that’s my hubby…faster than a speeding bullet, well, maybe not quite that fast!

T-minus 4 days until we return to Papua and get out of the cold (brrr….we do not own the correct clothing for this climate!)

P.S. Nathan’s “call sign” during college was Clark, as in Clark Kent, as in Superman.

Favorite Things

I told my mom that I was going to write a “favorite things” post about my deodorant and she laughed at me…but seriously folks, I love my deodorant and I’m not afraid to say so!

I initially started using this deodorant because I was having allergic reaction to every other deodorant that I tried.  Not.  Fun.

And then I realized how awesome it is!  I swear I sweat less with this deodorant (note: this is not an anti-perspirant) than I did before and I never smell…even on the hottest and humidest (is that a word??) days that Indonesia has thrown at me!  I’ve never had any kind of allergic reaction to it.

The BEST PART:  it is cheap!  Sure one stick cost more than a regular brand, but that one stick lasts forever.  I have yet to use up a whole stick!

I even got Nathan to try it!

It’s awesome.  What else can I tell you??

Shop ‘Til Ya Drop

With only 9 days left in America before heading back to Papua, we are gathering all of our “America purchases” together to start packing them!

Some highlights…spices!  Yes, I made a few trips to Sam’s Club and Costco.

Pens, Sharpies, felt pads for our kitchen chairs, vitamins, a burn kit (I burn myself a lot), heat ‘n bond tape, batteries, and sunblock.  And you’ll never believe where I bought all of this stuff, WALMART (except the viatmins, they’re from Costco)!  Yup, all in one store.  This country is awesome.  Actually, just that all of that stuff is readily available is awesome, but to have it all in one place is magical!

I will miss America and all of the readily available shopping, but I am excited to get back to Papua!!

Soccer Practice

Our almost-four-year-old niece Daria is on a soccer team.  While we were in Phoenix, we were able to attend of her soccer practices.  There’s not a whole lot that’s cuter than a group of 3 and 4 year-olds playing soccer!

Daria (in red) waiting patiently for her turn while sticking out her belly :)

Go Daria, Go!

She is most definitely the cutest soccer player that I know!

Team meeting with the coach.

Go Butterflies!  (the boys were out-voted on the team name)

Favorite Things

This knife, in my book, is THE BEST KNIFE EVER!

It cuts everything!  Oh  man, I cannot tell you how a good knife has change my life.  Well, maybe just my cooking.  But in Papua, cooking seems like half of my life…so this knife has changed half of my life!!

It is the Shun 7″ Santoku knife.  I also really like their chef’s knife.  I use these multiple times everyday!  And the best part is, you can send off your knives to Shun once a year and they will professionally sharpen them for you for FREE!  (Of course, this doesn’t quite work for me since I live in Indo, but you better believe that I will bring them home on furlough to be sharpened!!)

A Desert Storm

There was a big storm here in Phoenix yesterday (did I mention that we’re back in Phoenix for a few days?).

The rain smells different here than it does in the midwest where I grew up.  Here it smells like wet dirt, in the midwest it smells like wet grass and in Indonesia is smells like wet jungle!  Who knew that rain could take on so many scents!

There’s something beautiful about a stormy sky isn’t there?