Favorite Things

For the record, I am not trying to channel Oprah for my “Favorite Things” posts…think more Maria in Sound of Music.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things that I love!

Today, my favorite lens (at the moment):

This is the Nikon 35mm 1:1.8G lens and I love it!  Probably about 99.8% of the pictures on this blog are taken with this lens.  It has amazing clarity and colors.  Plus it is small and light weight.  And it can go on any Nikon camera!  The only downside to this lens is that it is only 35mm.  It cannot zoom in or out.

Stayed tuned for the next installment of Favorite Things!

The Tour

As I said, we went to the Quest Factory in Sandpoint, ID on Friday.

Here’s what I learned:

There are a whole lot of parts on an airplane.
Corrosion resistant paint is green.
There are a lot of “airplane words” that I do not have in my vocabulary yet.
I am not cut out to be an airplane designer/line worker/pilot/mechanic/[insert anything airplane related here].
Kodiaks are AWESOME airplanes that can take off and land in no time!
Nathan is the hottest pilot ever (I already knew that one…but it was reinforced this weekend!)


This is Kodiak serial number 1…owned by STC.  We flew this up/over/down (not sure which direction we went, see I told you I shouldn’t be a pilot.  A pilot would know) to Sandpoint.  Coincidently, my parents, brother and sister-in-law got to fly in this plane when in was in Michigan a few weeks ago.
This is the new pod they are working on getting approval for from the FAA.  There will be much rejoicing in Papua when these arrive for our Kodiaks!  Speaking of rejoicing, TWO more Kodiaks just arrived in Papua!  Now they are working on getting approval to fly them in country.
Some kind of airplane parts.  I told you there are a lot of them.  And notice their color.
Walk.  Crawl.  Skip.  Lobster.  But DO NOT RUN while opening these doors.
This is the floor of the airplane.  Still green.
Kasihan Larry.
A wing.  A green wing.  They actually cut out all of these pieces right in the factory.  It’s pretty impressive.
Toward the end of the line, starting to look like an airplane!
Nathan’s class.

I’m sure if Nathan had written this post it would have been much different.  You probably wouldn’t have seen poor Larry.  But alas, I am writing it and with my lack of “airplane words” it’s pretty simplistic.  But, hey, it’s my blog :)

Sampai jumpa lagi!

Kodiak Factory

Today we are going to Sandpoint, ID to visit the Quest Factory where the Kodiaks are made.

Should be fun!


(Us with the Kodiak in Indonesia!  Remember how we used to live there??  Seems like a long time ago now…Can’t wait to go back!)

More pictures to come!

Pipe Cleaner Art

We’re going to be millionaires!  Nathan has a hidden talent that he recently discovered:  Pipe Cleaner Art!!  There’s money in that right??
Most pilot/mechanic types are doers not sit-and-listeners, so the brilliant folks over at STC (Spokane Turbine Center) gave them each a pile of pipe cleaners so they would have something to do during class.
Here’s what Nathan has brought home to me:
Awesome, right??
Yes, my husband brings me flower(s).
The butterfly/ladybug combo.
And my favorite:
This should be in a pipe cleaner museum.
By the way, does anyone actually use pipe cleaners to clean pipes??
A week and a half of training down!  Nathan says that he is learning a lot and feels much more confident in PT-6 (the type of engine in a Kodiak) maintenance and repair.

Just Around the Corner

Fall is right around the corner and I can’t wait!  After almost a year of “summer”  I am ready for Fall!

I love everything about Fall!  The crisp air, the changing leaves, the pumpkins, the pumpkin spice lattes, the apple cider…so much to love!

Yesterday I went for a short bike ride.  It was short for two reasons: 1. it started to rain and 2. because I’m really out of shape.  Although, in my defense, if it weren’t for the rain and my fear for the safety of my camera, I would have kept going!


Rain clouds make for the best skies.


Changing leaves.  Sigh, I love it!!

Bring it on Fall!

(P.S.-if you happen to work for CoffeeMate or International Delight and you happen to be reading my blog, could you please release pumpkin spice latte creamer into the stores soon?  The leaves are changing!  It’s Fall! It’s time!)

Williams Sonoma

Today I went to Williams Sonoma.  I love that store, even though I can’t afford a single thing in it!


They always have food cooking there, so it smells amazing.  Plus they have a gadget for anything you’d ever need/want to do in the kitchen!  It’s amazing.  Am I using the word “amazing” too much? 

Anyway, today the sales lady was telling me all about the new cookbooks that they have, but I told her that I couldn’t buy any because cookbooks are too heavy for the airplane.  Of course, this lead to why I was flying on an airplane and where I live.

Turns out that she has been to Indonesia before!  Awesome! 

I love little connections like that!  I’m still hoping to run across someone that speaks Indonesian!

P.S.  Someday, when I’m rich and don’t have weight restrictions on what I can bring home, I want one of these (from William Sonoma, of course):


Roger and Keith


I met Suzanne approximately 29 years and 46 days ago (the day of my birth). 

I’m not sure that’s actually true…I may have met her a few days after I was born, but whatever, we’ve been friends ever since!

I never had a sister…but I had a Suzanne!

When we were little we would dream about our future husbands.  For awhile we were both going to marry Chicago Bull players and be rich and happy.  But then we wised up and realized that we BOTH couldn’t marry Michael Jordan.  And we might have wanted to marry Newsies for awhile too(please tell me you’ve seen that movie…although you have to be about 13 to truely appreciate it) .  But that dream also faded.

Anyway, in our imaginations, our husbands had names:  Roger and Keith.  One thing we knew for sure about Roger and Keith was that they had to be friends!

And now, here we are, years later with our husbands: Barrett and Nathan.  And they are friends.  Friends that put their heads together in pictures, ignoring their wives entirely. (Although, Barrett seems to be doing most of the leaning.)

All is right in the world.


Hey Ya’ll!

Just a quick update to tell you that we’re alive!

After a whirlwind trip to Chicago and Phoenix, we are now in Spokane, WA where Nathan will do his Kodiak training.  Tomorrow morning he will start the maintenance portion of the training and I will begin my reintroduction to Target (Me, Starbucks and a big red cart…it’s going to be awesome!)

Oh!  Maybe they have Seattle’s Best Coffee in this part of the country!  America is awesome!  One grande vanilla tea has my name on it!

Anyway, we got to see these two cutie patooties in Phoenix.  I wish I could take them back to Indonesia with us, but I’m pretty sure their mom (my sis-in-law) wouldn’t be as excited about that as I would be!


Ok, so Daria’s eyes are closed and Violet is not looking at the camera.  But they are still so cute!

Food, Glorious Food

America is awesome!

I think I stood in the cheese section of the grocery store for a good five minutes.  And then walked away without any cheese because I was overwhelmed at all of the choices.  Maybe I should have just shoveled them all into my cart.  I can justify $200 worth of cheese right???

Don’t even get me started on the cereal aisle!

Some other American food miracles:

Giordano’s Chicago Style Pizza. 

Yeah, it’s good.
Nachoes Bell Grande from Taco Bell.

Nathan dreams about these.
Rainbow Sherbert.

How can you not smile while eating rainbow sherbert?  It is cold yumminess.

Subway Sandwiches.

Oh lunch meat, how I have missed you!
Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer.

Holy cow.  I cannot express the goodness of this coffee creamer.  So I won’t.

Also, somewhere in this country is Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer and I will find it. 
Here’s to being fat and happy!